The Market-leading LMS for delivering apprenticeships

PICS guarantees efficient and reliable learner management, allowing you to focus on delivering outstanding education and training.

PICS is used by organisations delivering apprenticeships and other ILR-based programmes.

With ESFA-compliant data, a range of automations, custom reporting and more, PICS allows you to maximise operational efficiency and take the stress out of ILR submission. No matter the size of your organisation or scale of your delivery, PICS promises improvements to providers from day one.

"It made jobs that were taking me hours to do manully, that much easier when we moved over to PICS... it's perfect - a 5 minute job, not hours!"

Anna Falcucci, MIS & Data Manager - LMP Group



What can PICS do for me?

The most widely used commercial ILR submission tool, trusted by over 450 providers, PICS is your go-to solution for an end-to-end apprenticeship delivery software.

Maximising operational efficiency

Optimise your processes with our automation tools, including templates, qualification plans, and workflows.

  • How?
    • PICS reports are based on a comprehensive range of report templates, designed with accessibility and flexibility in mind.
    • Our applicant management offers template qualification, plans to build an applicant’s programme.
    • Use our custom applicant statuses and workflows to build an enrolment pipeline that suits your organisation’s needs.

Maintain compliance with the ILR

PICS ensures compliance with ILR specifications. Inbuilt validation promptly detects data issues, avoiding surprises at submission time.

  • How?
    • Our validation and risk tools help you stay on top of your data throughout the month and reduce learner attrition.
    • Say goodbye to multiple spreadsheets with comprehensive learner data capture systems.
    • Manage ILR submissions with ease using the inbuilt ILR exporter, providing all the relevant learner data in one ESFA compatible file.

Take the stress out of funding

Keep on top your funding with our month-end funding calculator, making sure that you never miss a payment.

  • How?
    • Ensure you don’t miss out on any additional funding with our dedicated FAM fields.
    • With PICS you can manage and process learner payments individually and in bulk.
    • You can also manage complex funding arrangements with ease, with full support for head office and subcontractor exports.

Track learners from start to finish

Manage the learner journey easily and accurately, with Funding and Monitoring data capture, custom delivery plans and more.

  • How?
    • Our simple enrolment process brings all the necessary applicant data into the new learner record.
    • Use our risk labelling to clearly identify learners that need attention.
    • Help your apprentices get the best placements with our vacancy matching process.

Report with clarity

Maximise your data using our integrated reporting suite, with user-friendly templates requiring no specialised reporting staff.

  • How?
    • Our wide range of report templates can be customised and generated at the click of a button to provide clear analysis.
    • Our sharing and scheduling features ensure that insight is available to whoever needs it, whenever they need it.
    • For more powerful insight, make use of our interactive reports, which allow you to analyse your data against any of the output fields in your report.

A scalable solution

PICS offers customisable advanced features tailored to your organisation, including integrations with Smart Assessor and bksb.

  • How?
    • PICS offers powerful connections to a range of third-party systems to minimise duplicate data entry and maximise consistency.
    • Create bksb logins for your learners and applicants, and download assessment results from bksb into PICS.
    • Enrol your learners in Smart Assessor from PICS, download progression data for your learners, and import review sessions from Smart Assessor to populate PICS review records.

Discover how your apprenticeships can be powered by PICS

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