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An unending list of mundane admin tasks. The non-stop chimes of email notifications. The unrelenting pressure of business-critical finance tasks. Such is the daily churn for finance professionals that breaks no longer look like breaks, and deadlines have become part of personal moments.

This story is not of one or two or tens or hundreds. It’s the reality of finance professionals across the U.K. In our research, The State of Well-being in Finance, 59% of finance professionals said they worked after hours to complete their tasks.

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Focusing on what matters

At Advanced, we believe in leveraging technology to help finance professionals focus on the things that matter — at work and outside of work.



To spotlight the dilemma of U.K. finance professionals, we collaborated with four upcoming artists to create the Life + Work Online Exhibition. Each artist's work shines a light on the memories, experiences and life moments that finance professionals miss out on when overburdened by admin and menial tasks.

4 artists


We sat down with finance professionals from the U.K. to understand their struggles. We shared these insights and our research with the artists who brought them to life in their own way.


The Stroll by

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"When work is on your mind,
work is all you can find"



The Stroll by Seema Saruna
Vivi Campos the Absence artwork preview


The Absence by

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"Losing personal moments
to work distractions"



The Wave by

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"Overwhelm is an understatement"


Kenjay Reyes The Wave artwork preview
Tayfun Pekdemir The Inner World artwork preview


The Inner World by

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"We are more about
work than about life"


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The imbalance of life and work can impact the wellbeing of individuals. It could manifest as productivity issues, impact creativity, and the ability of finance professionals to add strategic value to the business.

The State of Well-being in Finance is a report from the research commissioned by Advanced Financials. It showcases how work is creeping into valuable personal moments, how finance professionals are coping with their growing workload, and the role technology can play in alleviating it.


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