"I thought, yeah this is the place to be, Advanced is the company that I want, they're growing"
Dan Wilkes, Inside Sales Associate
"There’s not just one route within the company there are tens, hundreds"
Tashan Everett, Inside Sales Associate
"It's a good company in terms of career opportunities, so I would recommend it"
Shirley Wilson, Scheduling Manager
"It varies day to day, I'm not sure how the day is going to progress when I come in to when I leave which keeps it exciting"
Neil Barrett, Support Manager for the Community Product

More words from our people

I was surprised by the magnitude of the Advanced Group during my interview stages and rapidly realised the career progression opportunity. I had been unhappy in my previous company so felt wary in securing the right, challenging yet flexible role that I could commit myself to. Advanced stamped a successful and rewarding impression on me, making me confident in making the leap to join them. My first year involved developing a new team and learning a whole new sector. I felt supported by the management whilst having the freedom and trust to utilise my experience in making our team successful. Despite its size, I feel valued by Advanced and that in turn has earned my loyalty. We regularly partake in incentive and building days, which really aids in boosting morale. Being awarded responsibility for a second team has increased my abilities, confidence and tie to Advanced. I look forward to establishing a long-term career here.
Desk Team Leader, Sales & Marketing

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