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We'd like you to meet some of our people in marketing and sales, finance, HR, support, development and our business support functions. They'll introduce themselves and then give you their honest thoughts and opinions on working life with us.

"Talent development is massively important to me. Identifying our future leaders, and training, developing and promoting internally makes for a much more dynamic and vibrant company. If success is visible, and is rewarded, then we really will be a 'can do' company, and we will continue to develop, retain and attract the best possible staff"

Gordon Wilson, CEO, Advanced

It varies day to day, I'm not sure how the day is going to progress when I come in to when I leave which keeps it exciting

Neil Barrett, Support Manager for the Community Product
There’s not just one route within the company there are tens, hundreds
Tashan Everett, Inside Sales Associate

More words from our people

I was surprised by the magnitude of the Advanced Group during my interview stages and rapidly realised the career progression opportunity. I had been unhappy in my previous company so felt wary in securing the right, challenging yet flexible role that I could commit myself to. Advanced stamped a successful and rewarding impression on me, making me confident in making the leap to join them. My first year involved developing a new team and learning a whole new sector. I felt supported by the management whilst having the freedom and trust to utilise my experience in making our team successful. Despite its size, I feel valued by Advanced and that in turn has earned my loyalty. We regularly partake in incentive and building days, which really aids in boosting morale. Being awarded responsibility for a second team has increased my abilities, confidence and tie to Advanced. I look forward to establishing a long-term career here.

Desk Team Leader, Sales & Marketing