Case Collaboration

Transforming the way barristers work


55% believe their IT infrastructure limits their ability to respond quickly to customer issues

One third of legal firms are yet to invest in a cloud-based system

84% believe real-time information allows for faster, more informed decisions

Take your chambers to the next generation of management tools

We understand that chambers have evolving needs in a changing and competitive legal sector. Our latest enhancement to our technology, Case Collaboration, supports chambers to work as efficiently and effectively as possible. MLC, our chambers management system, now allows Barristers to work in real time on documentation, shared and edited by multiple people across chambers and solicitors irrespective of location – even when they are not in Chambers.

What makes this solution even better for chambers is that it links documents to cases already mapped within the system. This makes it easy and logical for barristers and clerks to store and access documents in one place, and eliminates the need for the multiple systems and log-ins which make the process complex.

Case Collaboration truly cuts the cord on paper-based processes – the system delivers a single, unified location for documentation that allows barristers, clerks and solicitors to upload, share and collaborate on documents anytime and anywhere.

The power of an on-site system, with benefits of the Cloud

Access from any device

Gain secure access from anywhere and always have the most up-to-date information

Fully integrated

Automatically links live documents to cases already mapped within MLC

Cut running costs

Courier and postal costs are reduced with digital collaboration

Instant connectivity

Share updates, instructions and briefs between barristers, clerks and solicitors at the touch of a button

Edit in real-time

Edit documents and share with colleagues instantly for feedback

Become a paperless powerhouse

Private workspaces, version control and synchronisation between devices means you never have to print a draft again

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Cloud Services Success Story > Aspire Furniture

"The benefits of Cloud services are extensive with many of our customers reporting time, efficiency and cost savings - often with surprise about how easy the Cloud is to use. The mobility of the Cloud enables you and your staff to implement mobile working with the potential to streamline your entire organisation." 
-Gordon Wilson, CEO, Advanced 

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