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Our experts have wide-ranging VME-specific language and database experience. They have been responsible for the migration of over 150 IDMSX schemas to relational databases, supporting full application (and data) migrations, in addition to data-only migration projects. We performed the first IDMSX to Microsoft SQL Server synchronization in 2000. This stayed in mission-critical twice-daily production use until 2015, and provided the first daily synchronization of ICL IDMSX to Oracle databases for UK Government across 54 parallel services.

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Latest Findings: 2020 Mainframe Modernization Report

What does the future hold for mainframe applications? 

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Understanding key issues


High costs

As technology becomes legacy, the costs to maintain it increase. Not only do those who understand the technology become more expensive, but license costs rise as well.

Diminishing talent pool

People who understand mainframe technology are steadily retiring, and most universities no longer offer mainframe instruction, increasing the shortage and cost of experienced programmers.

How our IDMSX Modernization Services can help you


“Without the automation you’d add unwanted risk. For example, some changes on the mainframe side would require inserting bits of COBOL code or creating database hooks in IDMS to capture the daily transactions.”

Carl Allen, Technical Architect

“The re-platformed system provides the DWP and its citizens with a faster and more responsive service with improved resilience and scalability.”

Mark Bell, VME-R Deputy Director at the Department for Work and Pensions

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BLOG // 04-12-2020

Four ways an Automated Assessment can help you modernise your mainframe

by Brandon Edenfield, Managing Director of Application Modernization

Four ways an Automated Assessment can help you modernise your mainframe

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