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  • ProAchieve is acknowledged as the de facto standard for analysing ILR data
  • ProMetrix is a dashboard system displaying college key indicators
  • ProSAR allows a college to manage a continual self-assessment and quality improvement cycle
  • ProPortal is a web portal that allows student, employers and parents to see information pertinent to them from ProSolution and ProMonitor
  • ProObserve provides a means of recording and reporting on classroom observations to help track and improve the quality of teaching
  • ProResource is a powerful curriculum planning system, allowing your college to analyse and forecast every aspect of income and expenditure
  • ProEngage is an employer engagement system designed specifically for education providers
  • ProMonitor is an integrated learner monitoring and support system
  • ProVerify is designed specifically for FE colleges to manage the internal and external verification (IV & EV) of programmes