Digital budget for law firms

How law firms can drive growth and greater efficiencies through technology





The Chancellor’s Spring budget statement has set out next steps for the country, mapping out areas where budget cuts will be made and where there will be additional investment. Now is the time for law firms to scrutinise their budgets too, setting new fiscal policies and targets for this year and beyond.

The current position for law firms in the UK in 2023 is not straightforward. The cost-of-living crisis is impacting on all areas of business. Energy bills have risen sharply, materials and services are more expensive, and lawyers are demanding bigger salaries as they feel the pinch at home.

As we enter the new budget period, it’s time to consider the meticulous cost-saving and investment decisions that can boost productivity for law firms of all sizes, helping them maintain staffing levels and client relationships through the unpredictable year ahead.


What's your digital dividend?

Use our interactive calculator to see how much your law firm could save with legal software by maximising efficiencies and keeping your staff around.