Advanced and Blu Age Software offer legacy COBOL migration
Press // 31-05-2017

Advanced and Blu Age Software offer legacy COBOL migration

by Tim Jones, Managing Director - Application Modernisation

Advanced has announced a formal partnership with fellow legacy application modernization specialist Blu Age Software. This union joins two best-of-breed businesses to create a game-changing solution for COBOL Conversion and data modernization. Bringing together these two recognized leaders in the modernization space means customers now have an automated solution to move their legacy COBOL applications to Java and .NET.

The partnership combines Blu Age’s unique COBOL transformation solutions with Advanced’s proven expertise in delivering large and complex modernization projects. Tim Jones, Managing Director, Application Modernization, Advanced commented, “For over 30 years Advanced has been at the leading edge of technologies that can be used to extend and migrate legacy applications. As companies grapple to rationalize their legacy COBOL applications within their overall digital transformation strategy, Advanced is seeing increasing demand for solutions that enable the transformation of mission-critical COBOL applications to modern digital-enabled technologies such as Java and .NET.”

While many organizations expect their IT to evolve rapidly towards digital to meet fast moving customer and market demands, dealing with legacy COBOL prevents them from adopting agile and modern application development patterns. Legacy COBOL simply does not support the methodologies, processes and emerging skill sets of the digital world. While the mission-critical nature of COBOL applications and the sheer volume of code written in COBOL provide formidable obstacles to modernization, this can be overcome by Advanced and Blu Age’s automated COBOL transformation to digital solution. It is the quickest and safest approach to achieve the legacy application transformation companies need to ensure digital-readiness, while at the same time maintaining and accessing the intellectual property in their legacy applications.

Advanced chose Blu Age as its partner for a COBOL transformation solution because of its best of breed approach to the challenge of automated conversion of COBOL to a modern Object Oriented and Cloud native programming platform.

Tim Jones continued, “Being a legacy modernization leader for so many years we have followed the checkered history of COBOL conversion tools with interest. Recognizing the issues faced when creating an automated language conversion process, we believe that Blu Age brings the first realistic and proven approach to successfully automating migration from COBOL to highly maintainable Object Oriented and Cloud-ready Java and C# code.”

Christian Champagne, Blu Age Software’s CEO states, 

“We are pleased to create a global partnership with Advanced in order to accelerate the transformation of legacy to digital and in particular for mainframe applications developed with COBOL. With Blu Age’s Velocity technology, Advanced will be able to automate the transformation of legacy applications written in COBOL into high-quality, maintainable and Cloud-ready code quicker and more efficiently than ever before.”

This collaboration will help organizations to reinvent how they deliver core capabilities today and give them the foundation they will need to optimally deploy modern technologies, commodity infrastructure and Cloud architectures in the future.

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Tim Jones

Tim Jones


Managing Director - Application Modernisation

Tim has a track record of success in mission-critical Application Modernisation projects. He is renowned for helping organisations maximise their investment in critical legacy applications.

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