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In-Person Event //06-07-2022

bksb Tour

by Advanced PR, Author

We are delighted to announce the return of the bksb Tour! bksb will be heading out across the country, holding events in cities across the country on how to use bksb EdTech to improve your English, maths and digital skills provision. Due to COVID restrictions, we had decided to hold the previous year’s tour as a series of online webinars instead. This year we are back on the road.

These events will provide a chance to explore the enhanced features and tracking capabilities that we have introduced to help maximise your English and maths Functional Skills/GCSE delivery. We will demonstrate the intuitive tracking, reporting, and analysis functionality built into bksbLIVE 2 to help manage learners effectively, both individually and on a group level.

We will also explore the latest functions which have been added to bksbLIVE 2, discuss the integrations with ProSuite and Smart Apprentices, and look at some exciting new updates that are in the pipeline now that we are part of Advanced.

These sessions are suitable for current bksb users, and for those who are interested in finding out how our online learning products could help support your organisation.

We will be in:

  • Birmingham - 21st June
  • London – 22nd June 
  • Newcastle – 5th July 
  • Manchester – 6th July 


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In-Person Event
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