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Advanced Research Report:

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Rapidly evolving regulation, increasing workloads, and new hybrid ways of working have forced the finance function to modernise fast.

To gauge the mood at this pivotal time, Advanced commissioned a survey of hundreds of finance decision-makers and employees. We found a functon streched to its limit, with teams overwhelmed, underequipped and feeling the mental strain. 


stat1@2x (1).pngof finance team members feel overwhelmed by their workload


stat2@2x (1).pngof finance team members must consistently work outside working hours to complete their to-do lists


stat3@2x (1).pngof finance function employees often feel stressed and anxious at work rather than feeling energised and optimistic at work

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Find out how to ease the strain on your finance teams

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With teams so focused on ticking off tasks, it's easy to lose sight of what they are working for. Advanced can help you give time back to your teams, so they can focus more on the things that truly matter at work and home. 

Find out what's grinding the minds of your finance function and the impact it's having on their mental wellbeing. 


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“We were really impressed by the capabilities offered by Advanced Financials. Being able to drill down into our financial data easily and efficiently is crucial for us as we continue to scale.” - Nick Playford, Finance Manager

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Expect Distribution

“Advanced Financials has revolutionised the way our finance team operate. It provides us with a clear picture of business performance and operations which is vital as we continue to grow.” - Kennedy Lupindula, Management Accountant

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West Midlands Growth Company

“We have seen benefits instantly from the day of go live in the way in which we can view, report and understand financial data using Advanced Financials.” - Pip Abercromby, Director

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