Exchequer Analytics

Enabling improved decision making across your organisation, anywhere, anytime and on any device

Directors are increasingly faced with multiple demands, being required to ensure the effective running of their business, whilst maintaining a multi-dimensional view of their business performance, analysing data for key decision-making processes and reporting on information such as KPIs, SLAs, stock, cash flow and pipeline to vital stakeholders. As a result, they are consistently challenged by the need to make decisions based on accurate business intelligence while continuing to drive performance under considerable time pressure.

Exchequer Analytics offers intuitive dashboards which display live data from all business areas and software solutions in a highly visual and easily digestible format, allowing users to interactively drill-down into different data sets and patterns, comparatively or by exception, for instant and meaningful analysis.

In doing so, the platform empowers users by providing them with an instant multi-dimensional view of their business at any time and on any device.

The instant reporting functionality of Exchequer Analytics, enables users to automatically update vital stakeholders on critical business data, eliminating time and cost pressures, empowering organisations to consistently meet evolving business demands and drive performance.

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Cloud Solutions delivered with excellence in mind

Our recent Cloud Survey has shown that nearly 1 in 2 UK businesses are adopting a Cloud-first strategy to their technology investment and capitalising on the significant benefits offered by Cloud-based ERP solutions in the process.

We work alongside our customers to supply comprehensive and long term support for an ever-changing business environment.

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