Workforce Management Solution

From core HR functionality and instant online access on multiple devices, to a comprehensive reporting suite, our Advanced OpenHR solution empowers you with effective management of your organisation’s full employee lifecycle

Human Capital Management

Ultimately improve performance and add greater value

We understand that HR professionals need new ways to boost productivity and demonstrate effectiveness, whilst engaging a multi-generational workforce, responding to a changing talent acquisition landscape and reducing costs. They are required to oversee key employee processes including onboarding and retirement, monitor time and attendance, pioneer the development of future leaders and use strategic workforce planning to further understand their workforce and add further value. This places significant pressure on the productivity, time and resources of HR teams.

Whether you're in the private, public or third sector, we have a solution that will suit your requirements and grow with you. We offer a wealth of sector expertise, and our HR solution can help you to take full control of your workforce management activities. 

Key Benefits

Flexible to your needs

Configurable to satisfy your individual processes and highly scalable to meet your organisation’s growth objectives


Self-service HR functions

Boost productivity with instant online record access for all employees


Deployment options to suit you

On premise and hosted options available

Our OpenHR solution for medium-sized organisations

Statutory reporting

Easily report on your apprenticeship levy and gender pay gap at the touch of a button with our extensive suite of standard and configurable reports.

Enhanced workflow processes

Automatically manage key organisational processes, including; appraisals, absence, holiday and parental leave management, talent development, and changes to employee details for example. Our solution removes the need for insufficient paper systems, streamlining administration so you can focus on your most productive activities.

Online staff management: anytime, anywhere and on multiple devices

Users can access a complete staff management portal, with quick view, historical event view and record maintenance capabilities at the touch of a button. Empower your HR team with enhanced personnel management, anytime, anywhere and on multiple devices.

Save time with an integrated system

Our HR management software seamlessly integrates with a diverse variety of our other business solutions, from payroll to finance and accounting, enabling you to reimagine and connect your organisation to drive growth, performance and success.

Our technology delivers end-to-end workforce management, enabling you to add value at every stage of the employee lifecycle

Providing you with unrivalled management of your HR processes, our HR management solution empowers users to meet their organisation’s needs, industry standards and best practice procedures.

OpenHR gives you a greater understanding of your workforce and management of your core HR processes. By seamlessly integrating with a diverse variety of our wider solutions, from payroll to accounting, our solution provides you with complete control of your organisation.

Our solution also offers an extensive and flexible reporting suite, supporting you in meeting statutory requirements such as gender pay gap reporting, building on your understanding of your talent management, development and retention internally, and driving powerful data analysis to enhance your organisation’s performance.  

Our personnel management system enhances your management processes to boost productivity, efficiency and empower you to provide even further value to your organisation. Automated control of key organisational processes from 360-degree feedback to onboarding and leaver processing, parental leave to holiday management, eliminates the need for lengthy manual processing. The inbuilt, online staff management portal enables users to quickly view, access and maintain employee records and historical events, providing your HR team with an optimised view of your workforce at the touch of a button.

Removing the administrative pressures on your HR department, our HR software solution equips employees with instant online access to records, allowing for self-service amendments to personal details, the ability to log future leave requests and view historical personal data in full, to name but a few. Managers are also additionally empowered with team-view capabilities for effective management of assigned colleagues.

Our technology is scalable and flexible to meet the needs of today’s medium-sized organisations, whilst providing you with the peace of mind that our solution can grow with you, as and when you decide. Our solution is also available through a variety of deployment options, including on premise and hosted. Through our hosted option, users can simply login to the application online, meaning there is no need for an expensive infrastructure, which significantly reduces your operating costs.  

With our personnel management offering, HR professionals in all organisations are liberated from significant burdens, enabling them to work smarter and more efficiently.

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