Enhanced processes and automation

OpenLogistix is our sophisticated distribution, production and supply chain management software solution. It delivers better visibility and control and improves productivity and cost-effectiveness across the supply chain by making key activities more efficient.

Through automation and enhanced processes, OpenLogistix can increase customer satisfaction, help you manage costs and improve your margins. It helps you deliver better customer service through smarter working with your suppliers and offers you a single version of the truth so your management teams can get hold of accurate information more quickly.

OpenLogistix also integrates with our financial, HR and payroll solutions. Altogether, this provides a total Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution covering the whole supply chain.

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IT is frequently seen as an expensive and time consuming necessity that provides limited business advantage. In reality, your IT department is the backbone of your business, needing to support internal systems, websites, business continuity as well as disaster recovery.

Find out how we can provide you with a flexible and cost-effective range of services that can be tailored entirely to your needs and those of your organisation.

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