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Lecture attendance is at the heart of student engagement, and at a time where competition is increasing, the focus for Higher Education institutions is how to improve student attainment and experience. Ensuring students’ can easily and quickly access accurate information is critical to maintaining a positive experience throughout their time at university and ensuring they get the very best from their course. Our solutions enable you to manage core scheduling and timetabling requirements that are bespoke to the needs of your institution and your students.

Through integration with management information systems, CMIS and CMISGo provide the basis for universities to monitor and analyse student attendance, attainment, non-continuation and teaching quality. Avoiding room booking clashes and ensuring all resources are managed efficiently underpins improvements for estates, facilities, equipment and staff - ensuring minimal disruption to lectures and teaching sessions, and resulting in an enhanced student experience.

Key Benefits

clash-free schedules

Clash-free schedules

Our intelligent and dynamic algorithm delivers clash free student, staff and exam schedules.

Improved estate management

Improved estate management

Easily manage room bookings and equipment requests across your institution.  

personalised learning

Personalised learning

Tailored to your student’s unique requirements, easily provide personalised timetables to every learner.

Timetabling solutions for Higher Education

Our timetabling solutions for Higher Education

Efficient recourse management and room bookings

Seamlessly manage equipment and space, across all departments within your institution, minimising disturbances throughout learning sessions and maximising teaching time. Allow your students and lecturers to attend and engage in sessions without any disruption or confusion, and book rooms across your institution as and when they need them. Save time and money with efficient resource and estate management. 

Keep your students up-to-date

Today’s students are now more connected than ever. Respond to your students’ evolving requirements by providing real-time communication and the information they want and need, at their fingertips. With mobile access, our solution keeps students up-to -date with any changes to their personalised timetables, improving both attendance and attainment. 

Improve student engagement and satisfaction

Our solution creates personalised timetables for all students, enhancing their experience and improving engagement. We guarantee student-centric, clash-free timetables that support your students’ unique learning requirements. Personalised learning allows for an improved and tailored higher education experience. 

Reduce administration time and workload planning

Simplify allocation of resources with our solutions. Regulate staff workloads, making it easier for lecturers to manage their academic responsibilities, support, research and schedule around holidays and sickness. Be prepared for change, including the unexpected, with our ‘what if’ scenario plans. 

Ease student pressure with manageable exam schedules

There is now unprecedented focus on academic excellence and an increase in competition between universities – as well as the need to deliver exam schedules that ease pressure on students. With our solutions, you can deliver clash-free exam schedules that accommodate complex subject combinations and provide crucial study time between examinations. 

What our customers say about CMIS & CMISGo

Colin Reeves, Timetabling Manager, University of Surrey

‘We have used CMIS at Surrey to optimise the use of our teaching spaces and CMISGo allows us to offer self service booking options to our staff and students.’


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