Modernise prescription management with an ePMA

Transitioning from paper to an electronic prescribing and medicines administration (ePMA) solution can be a challenge for clinicians who are used to their current way of working.

With the funding available for NHS Trusts to accelerate the introduction of ePMA solutions, now is the time to really take a step back to look at the benefits that you could be achieving by modernising your medicines management processes. An ePMA solution provides you with comprehensive medications control, in-built decision support and integration with your electronic patient record solution (EPR).

Having an ePMA solution ensures you are benefiting from:

  • Improved clinical safety
  • Minimised prescribing risk
  • Effective medicines management
  • Prescribing and Administration alerts
  • Electronic medication reconciliation

We have worked with our partner, Better by Marand, to provide an Open Source ePMA solution that embeds seamlessly with our Carenotes EPR or your solution of choice, meaning the new ePMA functionality feels like an integral part of your solution.

ePMA funding

£78m funding has been made available to support ePMA acceleration in acute, mental health and community trusts over the next three years
13 trusts are already benefiting from £16m available for 2018/19 and additional trusts are expected to benefit following their invitation to bid for a share by the end of January 2019

5 reasons to choose an ePMA solution

Improved Clinical Safety

Improved clinical safety

Automatically checks for medication conflicts and can actively alert prescribers of any changes required

Minimise prescribing risk

Minimise prescribing risk

Embedded decision support enables clinicians to make safe, informed choices when prescribing and administering

Medications management

Medications management

Clinicians can monitor prescriptions and medications administration; all aspects of prescribing are covered, from admission through to discharge

Inbuilt prescribing warnings

Inbuilt prescribing warnings

Help avoid drug doubling and duplicate prescribing, inbuilt warnings actively  alert clinicians if a similar type of medication has already been prescribed

Advanced medication and dosage calculations

Advanced medication and dosage calculations

Manage complex medication calculations which may depend on a patients weight and height. Clinicians can also set a daily dosage maximum, which then generates warnings if the limit is exceeded

Carenotes ePMA


Our ePMA module integrates seamlessly with your existing solution and will enable you to ease your transition to paperless medication management.

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