IBM Mainframe Application Migration

Move business-critical applications from IBM Mainframe z/OS

Employing over 20 years of experience, our team can work with you to provide an automated, tools-based approach that rapidly transforms your mainframe applications to run natively on modern platforms such as Linux and Windows. Organisations can opt to migrate their entire mainframe estate to eliminate hardware and associated licence costs, or alternatively migrate specific workloads to reduce MIPS usage and ultimately drive down operating costs.

This is done with minimal risk, and at a fraction of the cost of redeveloping or buying a package. Our solution ensures you retain existing business logic, and maintain the value inherent in your core, trusted applications.

Migrating your mainframe applications, either through re-platforming or re-engineering, enables your organisation to maximise its investment in existing applications, drive digital transformation and reduce cost.

The benefits of migrating your IBM mainframe z/os applications


Minimise risk

With our automated tools, proven methodology and 20 years of experience, you can trust our experts to handle this process safely.


React quickly

You will have increased agility with more reliable business intelligence. Modernised applications will enable you to react to market changes, and ensure your organisation stays competitive.


Effective and clear planning

We define timescales and provide costs upfront to ensure that you know what expect from the project.


Minimal business disruption

We partner with you during the whole process to understand your business fully to make sure there is minimal disruption. Our automated tools ensure that your business logic and user interface remain consistent.


Don't just move, improve

After a successful migration, improvements can be made to the user interface, systems can be integrated, data can be transformed, and security will be enhanced.



Our consultants are highly experienced with migrating a vast range of legacy applications, and will guide you each step of the way.


Improved development

Migrating from IBM mainframe improves the development environments for COBOL and Natural, opening up your organisation to innovation and benficial change.



Personalise your migration through choosing to re-engineer your applications' COBOL or Natural code to deliver native C# or Java applications.


Target environment

We will ensure your target environment can deliver APIs and web services to drive additional value from your existing, mission-critical applications.

We really are focused on you

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