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Our automated Application Analyser provides deep insight into your valuable legacy applications to enable understanding and the creation of vital documentation

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Reshape your current technology to remove the barriers of ageing technology and transform your organisation

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How our product can help your organisation

Our Application Understanding solution solves the challenges presented by legacy applications by providing your application development team with a centralised interactive documentation repository that contains a wealth of useful information about your applications. Using our Application Analyser helps overcome many of the IT difficulties your team faces every day, and enables them to manage, maintain or modernise your application portfolio more efficiently.


Are you facing these challenges?

Difficulty in Changing:
Legacy applications can be extremely difficult to change due to their convoluted make up, along with how few people have the skills and knowledge to handle and develop them. This knowledge shortage and complex construction costs time and money. 

Software Entropy:
Over time, a software system that undergoes continuous change will become more complex and can become disorganised, losing its original design structure. This is difficult and costly to maintain.

Technical Debt:
When code that is deemed easy to implement in the short run is used instead of the best overall option, a technical debt is created due to the extra development work that arises. In the future, this extra work will be a drain on resources.

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How our Application Analyser solves these challenges

Our solution offers six different types of analysis: function point analysis, relationship analysis, portfolio technology analysis, visual program and data relationship analysis, change impact analysis, as well as dead and orphaned code analysis. This all offers in-depth insight into your technology, enabling you to utilise it as is best for your organisation.


Understands over 100 languages

Our Application Analyser understands over 100 languages, a market-leading amount, and means we can support a broad variety of organisations across the world.

Efficient timescales

Efficient timescales

Our customers have seen a 60% reduction in the time it takes for new resources to be on-boarded since using our services.



Our services have provided a 40% increase in the productivity of our customers’ developers as they can now focus on innovation, rather than supporting complex legacy applications.


Reduce costs and timeframes

Using our Application Analyser has enabled our customers to reduce their project costs and timeframes by 25% or more.


Remove risk

The security of your system is enhanced by our tool providing access to information typically accessed through tribal knowledge.


Give visibility

Through understanding your organisation's applications, you will gain visibility of your system, meaning you know how to unlock value from it to benefit your organisation.

Key features

  • Our solution offers six different types of analysis: function point analysis; relationship analysis; portfolio technology analysis; visual program and data relationship analysis; change impact analysis, as well as dead and orphaned code analysis. This all offers in-depth insight into your technology, enabling you to utilise it as is best for your organisation.
  • Management can increase visibility across systems and applications so they are able to plan ahead accurately and efficiently.
  • Our solution enables you to leverage information buried in your applications and databases. This knowledge will help developers prioritise tasks, and understand systems.
  • The Application Analyser tool Advanced use to understand your applications is focused on providing your with broad, in-depth analysis of your applications.

Reimagining Legacy Applications to Embrace Digital Transformation

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Reimagine your digital transfromation
- Modernise your IT

Legacy applications are still one of the top barriers to digital transformation. Software entropy and adding new systems of engagement with older systems of record continues to be one of the top challenges.


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Rethink, adapt and increase your application management effectiveness

Development teams in particular are finding it harder to keep up with the pace of business needs as they have fewer resources, are losing tribal knowledge, and technical debt and software entropy are building.


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Recharge your digital transformation with intelligent insights

Our Application Analyser, is already helping organisations who are looking to maintain or modernise their applications, providing real-time information to help aid application portfolio decisions.


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Reshape and remove the barriers of ageing technology

Many existing core, mission critical applications remain in play on legacy technology platforms. The continued sustainment of these ageing applications present a myriad of challenges.


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Application Understanding Resources

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US Life Insurance Company

A leading US life insurance company needed to improve the accuracy and completeness of their systems documentation, both to help staff with their ongoing application maintenance and development, and to streamline the onboarding of suppliers for outsourced projects.

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A major retail pharmacy identified the pressing need to document its application portfolio to provide on-shore and off-shore staff with an effective tool for the analysis of application source code across a variety of technologies.

cs csfd

Grocery Wholesaler

A major grocery wholesaler realised the need for a tool that could significantly accelerate their modernisation timeframe, future-proof their core business applications, and return value to their members.

Application Understanding news article

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Three Ways Application Analysis Tools Can Reduce Costs and Improve Productivity

Your application portfolio represents a large investment for your business. It is a major asset and critical to the day-to-day operations of any organisation, but there is also the significant cost for maintenance and support of these applications. It is widely reported and accepted that over 70 per cent of IT budgets is spent on maintenance and support of existing applications.

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Five key application portfolio insights for CIOs considering digital transformation

As organisations develop and change to meet the needs of the fourth industrial revolution, senior leaders increasingly depend on Business Intelligence (BI) to provide factual data and insight into their operations to make strategic decisions. This often puts demands on IT to deliver transformative digital solutions, and requires CIOs to make crucial decisions about their application portfolios.

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