Application Understanding

Manage, maintain or modernise your application portfolio more efficiently to aid the growth of your organisation.

In order to understand where you want to go, first you must know where you are. Advanced's experts are here to help you understand your current position, and support your journey forwards.

How can it help you?

Making sure your applications evolve to meet the needs of the business is no small task. Most organisations’ legacy applications are challenging to change, suffering from software entropy, technical debt and fragmented domain knowledge.

Our Application Understanding solution solves these challenges by providing your application development team a centralised interactive documentation repository with a wealth of useful information about your applications. Our Application Understanding tool helps overcome many of the IT difficulties your team faces every day, and enables them to manage, maintain or modernise your application portfolio more efficiently.


Save Time and Money

By improving your organisation’s developer productivity

Remove Risk

By providing access to information typically accessed through tribal knowledge

Give Visibility 

By providing usable understanding of your organisation’s applications

Key features

  • The ib-ARM tool Advanced use to understand your applications is focused on providing your with broad, in-depth analysis of your applications.
  • Our solution enables you to leverage information buried in your applications and databases. This knowledge will help developers prioritise tasks, and understand systems.
  • Management have increased visibility across systems and applications. This means that they can plan ahead accurately and efficiently.
  • Our solution offers six different types of analysis: function point analysis; relationship analysis; portfolio technology analysis; visual program and data relationship analysis; change impact analysis, as well as dead and orphaned code analysis. This all offers in-depth insight into your technology, enabling you to utilise it as is best for your organisation.

Case studies

Advanced Client Logos mercer
"Mercer's pension planning system ran on a dual Alpha cluster that was nearing capacity. They decided they needed to move to a new platform and chose us to migrate it to a fully scalable Linux and Windows environment."
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Advanced Client Logos westing house
"Springfields Fuels reduces operating costs, and obtains greater reliability for the future, as they replace their VAX hardware and migrate a key application from OpenVMS to a more flexible Windows Server environment."
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Advanced Client Logos cashco
"Cashco was running its entire operation on a highly customised, long-standing OpenVMS system. They wanted to reduce their dependency on this ageing platform, mitigate the risk of skills shortages and use the latest database tools - while at the same time retaining their valuable business logic."
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Advanced Client Logos balfour beatty
"Balfour Beatty faced ongoing and increasing maintenance costs, and the inherent risk of running a business-critical system on a proprietary platform. With the migration of this application to a far more cost-effective platform they are seeing an increasing return on their investment."
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Advanced Client Logos tideway
"Having a flexible and reliable platform allows us to create a long term IT strategy leading up to and after the completion of the tunnel."
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Advanced Client Logos cla
"Advanced has successfully built a really strong, resilient and flexible platform that offers versatility and scope for many years to come."
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Advanced Client Logos relay software
"Advanced has experience of dealing with application vendors through its 30-year history of providing integration products and services. It has enabled them to address not only our technical requirements, but also our business needs."
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