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Converge your hardware on a low-cost platform that works for you

  Our Application Modernization & Migration services are available globally

RePlatforming and ReHosting converges your hardware onto a single technology that is standardised and more modern; potentially a Cloud platform.

Our services will migrate your applications and data with minimum disruption, and transform the technology stack to work better for your unique requirements. Utilising our solution ensures that your organisation can benefit from a homogenous environment. 

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Are you facing these challenges?

Platforms Ending: 
As new technologies are developed and viewed as a better fit for the future, older, legacy platforms are being ended, which means it is necessary to move to new platforms.

Finding Specialists: 
Legacy platforms tend to require specific expertise to manage them. These specialists can be difficult to find as their knowledge pertains exactly to a less-common platform than a more popular and modern one such as the Cloud.

Unsafe Infrastructure: 
Over time, legacy applications become increasingly convoluted. Often, workarounds have been employed to handle outdated systems. These workarounds are not robust or secure enough to support a full IT estate safely and effectively over a sustained period of time. 

How our RePlatform & ReHost Services solve these challenges

In our 30 years as Application Migration providers, we have cultivated the expertise to manage such projects in an efficient manner, offering a complete solution. Through strong partnerships, Advanced will take you through the whole process, handling everything including program code, user interface and database.

Cost Savings

Lower costs

Migrating your applications and data ensures lower maintenance costs as you are no longer handling legacy technology, and lower total cost of ownership. 


Specialist knowledge

At Advanced, our breadth of experience means that we have the specialist knowledge and tools to understand your incumbent legacy platform, along with future-proof platforms such as the Cloud. We know exactly where you are coming from, and the best way for you to move to where you need to be.


Invest in the future

Our expertise means your applications and data will be safely migrated to modern technology that will benefit your organisation’s workload, now and in the future.

Explore our re-platform and re-host services that modernise your IT

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The different environments we can replatform and rehost

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OpenVMS Migration

Support for the OpenVMS environment is decreasing. Keep your applications working for your organisation today and tomorrow but migrating from the legacy OpenVMS platform to future-proof environments. Our specialists can expertly carry out this modernisation.

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VME Migration Services

Our re-host and re-platform services can migrate and modernise your legacy applications from the VME platform to benefit your organisation. We will create and execute a digital strategy that secures the future of your activity-critical applications.

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IBM Mainframe Migration

Advanced transform your legacy applications by migrating them from an IBM mainframe environment to a modern one that best supports your organisation.

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Reimagining Legacy Applications to Embrace Digital Transformation

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Three Ways Application Analysis Tools Can Reduce Costs and Improve Productivity

Your application portfolio represents a large investment for your business. It is a major asset and critical to the day-to-day operations of any organisation, but there is also the significant cost for maintenance and support of these applications. It is widely reported and accepted that over 70 per cent of IT budgets is spent on maintenance and support of existing applications.

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Why Itanium’s imminent demise further increases the risks associated with OpenVMS applications

The OpenVMS operating system was developed back in the 1970s, and it continues to drive numerous mission-critical business systems worldwide. These often custom core applications are invaluable to organisations across industries ranging from nuclear power to international financial services. Large sums of money and decades of time have been invested in these OpenVMS applications to meet very specific needs - but end-of-life is looming large and planning for their future is now a matter of urgency.

Advanced infrastructure management, we always make sure you have enough storage for all your data

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