Assembler Modernisation

Assembler programs are not supported on distributed hardware platforms. Hardware performance gains and increased efficiency in other languages, such as COBOL and PL/I, has seen the requirement for (and popularity of) Assembler drop significantly in recent years. This slow demise in usage has also contributed to the shortage of skilled resources. At Advanced, our automated solution and proven expertise remove these problems by migrating your Assembler applications to languages such as Java, C# and COBOL.

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Latest Findings: 2020 Mainframe Modernisation Report

What does the future hold for mainframe applications? 

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Understanding key issues


Reliance on rigid hardware

The syntax of an Assembler application is specific to a particular machine’s architecture and the operating system, which means it is not portable across multiple platforms.

Lengthy and difficult code

The program’s instructions and machine functions strongly correspond, meaning one machine function is represented by one Assembler instruction, creating lengthy, difficult to read code.

Skills shortage

Its efficient use of system resources made Assembler a great choice in the past, but the future demands different languages. Those skilled in Assembler are expensive to hire or retired.

How our Assembler Modernisation Services can help you


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News & Opinions

BLOG // 17-03-2020

Is it time to move your mainframe applications to the Cloud?

by Tim Jones, Managing Director - Application Modernisation

Is it time to move your mainframe applications to the Cloud?