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CA Telon is an application generator used to define a series of mainframe programs, then creating the underlying code; COBOL, PL/I, CICS, IMS-DC, Batch, IMS-DB, DB2 and VSAM are all supported. Over the years, the IT landscape has changed radically, and while CA Telon is effective, a lack of skilled resources, limited integration and high costs create challenges. Our team works closely with you to help you handle and modernise your CA Telon application, combating these challenges.

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Latest Findings: 2020 Mainframe Modernisation Report

What does the future hold for mainframe applications? 

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Understanding key issues


Economic pressures

Reducing IT costs through alternative suppliers, moving to non-mainframe platforms, or retiring the mainframe are goals for many organisations. The proprietary nature of CA Telon code makes these difficult.

Licensing costs

Due to the run-time elements of CA Telon, licensing costs will still accrue even if the development benefits are no longer realised. These are high, unnecessary costs.

Diminishing skills and resources

Experienced CA Telon developers are retiring, and most universities no longer offer mainframe instruction, increasing the shortage and cost of experienced programmers.

How our CA Telon Modernisation Services can help you


Additional insights to help you transform


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News & Opinions

BLOG // 17-03-2020

Is it time to move your mainframe applications to the Cloud?

by Tim Jones, Managing Director - Application Modernisation

Is it time to move your mainframe applications to the Cloud?