What is Hybrid Cloud?

Through using Hybrid Cloud, multiple deployment platforms are connected within a single application. These platforms include both Public and Private Cloud, and Advanced will build the connection to best suit the individual application. We will fully manage this environment for you to allow your focus to remain on mission-critical activites. 


Advanced infrastructure management, we always make sure you have enough storage for all your data

What is Multi-Cloud?

Multi-Cloud environments can be complex to manage. At Advanced, we specialise in simplifying the complex. The specific requirements of your workload does not need to hinder your journey to modernisation, and the Cloud. That is why we support you adopting multiple Cloud platforms, for multiple applications.


Why Hybrid Cloud?



Using single-tenanted, dedicated servers, high performace, security and reliability are all assured on bare metal machines.



Incorporating the Private Cloud enhances the security of your Hybrid Cloud environment, and delivers you with strict control over your business-critical applications and data.



Hybrid Cloud allows you to benefit from the pay-as-you-go scalability of Public Cloud that is ideal for heavy or unpredictable traffic. 

Why Multi-Cloud?


Migration Support

With a Multi-Cloud environment, you identify the applications and data that can be moved to the Cloud, and Advanced can fully support that migration.



When building your Multi-Cloud enviroment, Advanced will evaluate your infrastructure to assess vulnerabilites, plan for disaster recovery and business continuity. The environment will help protect your applications and data, as well as prevent and mitigate DDoS attacks.



Combine platforms effectively to optimise your configuration to extract the performance, agility and efficiency you need.

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Moving to and integrating a Cloud strategy is fast becoming the first choice for positive digital disruption. Thousands of British organisations of all shapes and sizes have dared to reimagine their business and are realising the benefits of the Cloud. But there are different ways to use the Cloud, depending on an organisation’s current situation and future plans.

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What is the Hybrid Cloud?

These can be delivered by the organisation, by third party provider or a combination of the two. The Hybrid Cloud offers organisations more flexibility to move workloads between the Public and Private Cloud as and when they need to.

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