Public Cloud Services

Consuming Public Cloud technology with an IT partner helps you make world-class platforms work for you. These multi-tenant environments are ideal for large or unpredictable traffic, and are cost-effective as they are pay-as-you-use. Microsoft and Amazon have accredited our offering, so our specialists understand how to work with these platforms to meet your needs. Working with Advanced means you benefit from a provider that can meet you where you are, with consistently updated and globally recognised technologies.

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Understanding key issues


Meeting expectations

Increasingly, customers expect to receive services anytime, anywhere and on any device, as do employees. Providing this demands a highly available, secure and flexible platform.

Lack of skills

Often, incumbent IT estates are complex environments. It is difficult to find people skilled in these complicated and old technologies, whereas many are knowledgeable about modern tech such as Cloud.

High costs

The lack of agility in an in-house environment means that your spend can easily go to waste, as the platform will always be ‘on’ but not always used.

Maintaining competitiveness

To maintain competitiveness, your technology needs to consistently be reviewed and refreshed. This can be arduous and expensive, especially if IT experts are not involved in the review.

How our Public Cloud Services can help you


Additional insights to help you transform


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