COBOL Conversion

We provide an automated solution, along with proven expertise, to rapidly and successfully move your COBOL applications to Object Oriented (OO) and Cloud-native programming languages such as Java, C# and .NET. The resulting code retains the business logic, intellectual property and functionality of the original legacy application. It can be easily tested and implemented while in production. Our specialist services can be tailored to your business needs.

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Understanding key issues


Difficult legacy technology

Workarounds unnecessarily cause a complex IT estate, with legacy applications often too inefficient and time consuming to manage. Rearchitected applications are more effective and easier to maintain.

High costs

The COBOL compiler and licence expenditure drives up the total cost of ownership whereas modern languages, such as Java or C#, do not incur these costs.

Need to converge

Converting your applications to modern languages (eg. Java and / or C#) optimises and simplifies your IT estate, improving your IT management and enabling the use of automated tools.

Skills shortage

The pool of knowledge and understanding of the COBOL language is diminishing. Moving to a more modern and popular language removes this challenge.

Lack of agility

The agility of your IT is intrinsic to digitisation. Your strategic business applications need Cloud flexibility and access to mobile platforms which COBOL conversion provides.

Long lines of code

It takes far more lines of COBOL to construct a program than other languages, making it difficult to learn and time-consuming to write.

Our tool-assisted re-engineering service

Make a Difference

“Advanced has migrated our applications… and we haven’t had to embark on costly retraining programmes or make major changes to a system that already worked well.”

Alan Ricot, IT Manager

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“Following the conversion, we anticipate more efficient testing and support cycles. COBOL mainframe resources are becoming hard to find, but we can now work with a global community of young talented developers.”

Thanos Kaponeridis, CEO

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