At Advanced, we understand the great change that takes place within an organisation when we undertake an IT transformation project and provide Managed Services. Our consultancy is an advisory service that helps you to assess different technology strategies and align them to your business goals. We can support you through this process by providing strategic, architectural, operational and implementation planning to ensure a smooth and successful transition to your new service. Capabilities we have gained are a result of our the vast experience in completing many successful projects and our close work with prominent, independent consultants. 

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Understanding key issues


Broader view needed

When making decisions for your organisation, looking to the rest of your industry or similar organisations can be helpful. However, this insight is not always easy to come by.

Lack of experience

Consultants can speak from direct experience of large, complex projects like the one you’re looking to complete. It is highly unlikely you’re going through an identical project for a second time. 

Lack of confidence

Without external specialist support, guidance and training, confidence within your organisation to accept changes can be difficult to come by. 

How our Consultancy Services can help you


News & Opinions

BLOG // 11-06-2020

3 Considerations for Cyber Security in the New Normal

by Justin Young, Director of Security and Compliance, Advanced

3 Considerations for Cyber Security in the New Normal

Three blockers to digital transformation

‘Tomorrow’s business: seizing the opportunities’ – that’s the theme of the CBI Annual Conference 2019 and it’s one we are really excited about.

by Gordon Wilson, Chief Executive Officer, Advanced

BLOG // 28-10-2019
Three blockers to digital transformation