Mainframe Migration

Our automated tools-based approach rapidly transforms your mainframe applications to run natively on modern platforms such as Linux and Windows. We have years of experience and proven capabilities both on and off the mainframe, including third and fourth generation languages such as COBOL, CA Gen, CA Telon, PL/I and Natural. You can opt to migrate the entire mainframe estate or migrate specific workloads to reduce MIPS usage.

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Latest Findings: 2020 Mainframe Modernisation Report

What does the future hold for mainframe applications? 

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Understanding key issues


Losing specialists

As mainframe experts leave your organisation, new hires often lack the knowledge you require and can be unfamiliar with mainframe technology.

Poor customer experience

Many applications that exist on IBM Mainframe are customer-facing and the teams managing these often rely on manual processes, lacking an automated approach and the visibility needed to improve customer experience.

Prevented innovation

The isolated culture around the use of IBM mainframeprevents cross-team and cross-platform collaboration. This removes the chance for innovation as it’s difficult to share ideas and technologies.

Unsafe infrastructure

As systems become outdatedworkarounds that are not permanent fixes are often deployed. These are not robust or secure enough to support a full IT estate safely and effectively.

High costs

Maintenance costs are rising as the knowledge and hardware required to support an IBM mainframe platform are becoming scarcer. Providers of supporting technologies are also increasing their prices.

Going digital

Embracing a digital future is simpler with systems that are open to integration. IBM mainframes and their legacy COBOL applications restrict your ability to connect with the  latest technologies.

How our Mainframe Migration and Modernisation Services can help you

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BLOG // 11-01-2021

Ten steps to ensure a successful mainframe migration

by Brandon Edenfield, Managing Director of Application Modernisation

Ten steps to ensure a successful mainframe migration

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