Device Management Services

Today, people expect services to be available anytime, anywhere and on any device. Organisations must respond to this, by looking at what they provide for customers and clients, as well as employees. This can involve ‘Bring Your Own Device’ schemes that allow employees to use their own PCs, laptops, smartphones or tablets to complete their work. This rise in mobilisation can enhance productivity and satisfaction, but it does come with its own security risks if not managed properly.

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Understanding key issues


Company supplied devices

Providing employees with devices they can use specifically for work, separate from their personal devices, can be expensive and complicated to deliver and maintain.

Connected management

Device Management works best in connection with other management services, such as Network Services that can guarantee performance. Without support, this can be complex to maintain.

Ensuring security

If you don’t work with a security specialist, maintaining a strong posture across an IT estate that includes personal mobile devices can cause a lot of strain on your teams and increase risk.

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