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Office 365 is now Microsoft 365. Whether your organisation simply requires licensing provision and support, or is ready for a more complex transformation, our experts are still here to help.

Microsoft 365 provides an anytime, anywhere suite that improves collaboration across your organisation. As a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, we ensure you receive the maximum benefits of Microsoft 365 by supporting the platform, driving consumption and providing best practice guidance. Our Microsoft-certified specialists handle everything from set-up to migration and training. We monitor your system 24x7x365, with round-the-clock service desks available to meet the needs of your infrastructure, applications and end-users.

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Understanding key issues


Communication and collaboration

Communication and collaboration are vital, but they are made more difficult by ineffective and unsupportive technology that underperforms and struggles to be available.

Managing multiple applications

Relying on multiple downloaded applications means updating them, managing access permissions and assessing the bandwidth they require is complicated. SaaS applications simplify this.

Reviewing licensing

To remain cost-effective, licenses must be reviewed often and altered as employees join and leave an organisation. This is an arduous task that many neglect to carry out properly.

Webinar: What's new in February 2022!

With Microsoft continuously evolving the capabilities of the Microsoft 365 product suite, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest capabilities.

Whether you work in IT or are just a user of 365, join our Cloud Practice Director on February 17th to find out how you can make the most out of your Microsoft infrastructure.

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How our Managed Microsoft 365 Services can help you


“We knew we’d made the right technology choice in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and Advanced has proven to be a very professional firm; their insights, suggestions and ongoing support have been excellent.”

Nigel Stevens, Head of Business Solutions

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“Our programme was a disruptive programme and Advanced were there at every step of the disruptive process we felt reassured that there was full technical support, full business understanding in what we were doing.”

Peter Ridgway, ACO Technologies plc

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