ModPaaS , developed by Modern Systems is a purpose-built, customisable Cloud solution that enables highly collaborative participation throughout a legacy application modernisation project.


You can analyse mainframe legacy code, understand the complexities and dependencies of interrelationships and mine business rules. It also gives you access to our modernisation solutions ‘as a service’ in a secure Cloud-based environment, with assistance from our modernisation specialists, or in a fully managed approach.

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Understanding key issues


Controlling project cost

The knowledge gained from using ModPaaS reduces the scope of existing applications and refines the modernisation disposition strategy. Right-sizing these projects reduces costs too.

Unmaintainable code lines

Over time, code can become complicated. We can streamline the code on three levels – source code file, paragraph / section and line of code – simplifying the maintenance of applications.

Lack of legacy system visibility

Full visibility, including business rules, reports, documentation and application categorisation, puts you in control of your IT while ensuring it supports your organisation’s initiatives.

How ModPaas can help you

Make a Difference

ModPaaS Availability

ModPaaS is a cloud-agnostic solution that allows for highly collaborative participation throughout the journey of a legacy application modernisation project. Get started with one of the cloud-provider platforms listed below.


Get started today on your legacy modernisation by accessing ModPaaS on the AWS Marketplace

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Visit the Microsoft Azure Marketplace to begin your cloud journey with our ModPaaS service

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Get a jump start on your digital transformation with ModPaaS in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace

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Get started on your modernisation journey with ModPaaS on the Google Cloud Platform Marketplace

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