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We provide a range of private cloud services in a secure and flexible environment dedicated to your organisation.


Highly performant Private Cloud services to help your organisation achieve its goals

A Private Cloud can be architected to your organisation’s specific needs and compliance requirements, supported by our experts 24x7x365 with a fully managed service.

This will provide your business with increased control, security, and customisation over your data and applications.

"Using Advanced's Hosting Service has allowed us to provide a professional client service and to produce documentation more efficiently and more professionally."

Kim Calder, CM Chartehouse Associates

Key capabilities

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Understanding your need to offer the best private cloud services

We offer managed private cloud services which are designed to solve our customers' key challenges.

  • Data Security

    With cyberthreats on the rise and people having access to more data than ever before, ensuring your sensitive data is protected from malicious actors is a concern for organisations across the globe. Adherence to compliance standards and regulations is also critical for most organisations.

  • Technical Expertise

    The rate of digitisation and technology innovation makes it increasingly difficult to keep up to speed with the latest features, best practices and new releases. Without the correct expertise in place, mistakes can be made and you're unlikely to drive the best results from your investments.

  • Need for Agililty

    In today's fast-paced environment, organisations need the ability to scale capacity according to fluctuating demand to ensure required resources are always available and to avoid overpaying for under-used capacity.

  • Cost Control

    With public cloud, you cannot determine a true TCO (total cost of ownership) associated with the IT infrastructure, and you also have to use the hardware and software the cloud provider offers. With a private cloud you have full control over these choices. 



Monitoring and Management



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More than just private

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Who succeeds with us

A rich, diverse customer base from finance to healthcare and everything in between

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st andrews



”As a charity, it was really important for us to partner with someone that understood what we needed and Advanced did just that – they understood our vision. ”

Rob Bing, IT Service Manager
St Andrew's Healthcare

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"Advanced stood out as being a respected supplier who implicitly understood all of our requirements and could deliver best value."

Robin Johns, Head of IS



Private Cloud resources that help you transform

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Journey to the Cloud


Join this webinar to understand what a ‘Journey to the Cloud’ actually means and find out the key principles and considerations on this exciting journey.


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Advanced Managed Hosting Services

Advanced’s Managed Hosting services provide a secure, high
performance, operating environment for Advanced customer
applications. The service is delivered from UK Data Centres
and is monitored and managed 24/7, and designed to enable
you to be agile and act with Pace.

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