Managed Security Services

Secure your IT to secure your organisation's future

Why Managed Security Services?

Ensuring your systems are safe and secure not only protects yourselves, but also your customers and your business. Be certain that your company is moving towards becoming more secure in the way that is best for your needs with our Consultancy Services, and Technical Assessments. We can also help you ensure that your business meets the Regulatory and Compliance levels that are required of it.

Protecting Data

Protecting your data

We can help you protect your data through appropriate technical controls; additionally, through our managed services, we deliver repeatable process-driven controls to ensure your data remains secure.

Securing Network

Securing your network

Our perimeter security controls, our security monitoring and our identity and access control capabilities help to ensure your network is secure.

Manage your incidents

Manage your incidents

With our security information and event monitoring, embedded security management services alongside our holistic incident management process, our managed services ensure that your incidents are proactively managed.



Our consultancy teams can help your business kick off your GDPR compliance programme.



Not only can we control the technological aspects of securing your network, we can also provide full control over who is and is not allowed to access parts of your system.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction

Securing your business will make customers feel safe, which will help to drive customer satisfaction.

Key features

  • Multi-factor authentication and authorisation to control access to your network 

  • Single-sign-on access for partners and customers, as well as employees 

  • Log management to provide deep insight into user behaviour 

  • Our highly trained operators will proactively monitor your data flows, enabling the identification of threats, and the dealing with them, to happen in real-time 

  • Endpoint Protection enables the detection and remediation of endpoint threats across Windows, Linux, OSX, OIS and Android devices 

  • Our application includes email protection, anti-malware, host intrusion protection, email security, upload and download file scanning, gateway security and vulnerability scans 

  • Both mobile devices and USBs can be controlled with this application. 

  • This service prevents and monitors unauthorized access, misuse, modification or denial of a computer network, such as yours 

  • Data Encryption Service that offers data at rest and in-transit encryption, across servers, End User Windows, Linux and Unix PCs and Storage Area Networks


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