Service Integration and Management

Many are disaggregating services to have a streamlined IT estate that can innovate more simply. Assessing your current IT capabilities and the services provided with by third parties is required. This can be complex, compromising the quality of service you are receiving, and requires a significant amount of resource to efficiently manage. Investing in our SIAM Services can simplify this complexity. You will receive a single contact to hold accountable for your services and be able to trust that an IT expert is ensuring your providers are held responsible for delivering quality services to your organisation. 

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Understanding key issues


Internal IT team only

Sole reliance upon an internal IT team means high demands on your resources. Your investment in their continual training and equipment purchasing can be expensive and can see you left behind. 

Knowledge gap

Getting SIAM to work well is not easy. It involves implementing smooth collaboration across all your service providers, breadth of knowledge in this area can lead to a disadvantage.

Doing it all takes time

Those who try to do all IT Services in-house often have much higher research, development and implementation times, increasing costs, which is ultimately passed on to customers.

Focusing on core business

Your resources are limited, each of your managers have limited time and attention, two things complex IT decisions require. Outsourcing can help your organisation to stay focused on your core activity. 


Every business investment carries an amount of risk. Mitigating risk is more difficult if you have no outside, specialist to support to help you keep pace with rapid changes. 

Compliance and security

Maintaining a strong security posture is constantly complicated by strict regulations and an ever-changing landscape, outsourcing IT functions can be an investment in easing this challenge.

How our Service Integration and Management Services can help you


Additional insight to help you transform


  • The Business Case for IT Outsourcing

    This business case provides solid reasoning behind choosing to outsource your IT instead of keeping everything in-house and on-premise.

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