VME Migration Services

Our specialist team uses automated tools to transform your VME application to run natively on platforms including Linux, Unix and Windows. This retains existing business logic, and the value of core applications.


Migrating delivers maintainable code in the latest development environments (Microsoft Visual Studio or Eclipse), meaning you’ll be able to benefit from the Cloud, data warehousing and business intelligence too.

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Understanding key issues


Finding specialists

Managing the VME platform requires specific expertise but these specialists are becoming increasingly difficult to find and expensive to hire.


VME developers always need more time. By introducing a new tool, developer productivity will increase and new features can be created faster, enabling continuous delivery.

Difficult integrations

Middleware can improve interoperability between different technologies, and ease data management. However, it is not always successful and cannot be built to last.

How our VME Migration Services can help you

Make a Difference

The migration between a VME platform and an Open System


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Additional insights to help you transform


  • ICL/Fujitsu VME Migration

    Our tools-based approach rapidly moves your application from ICL/Fujitsu VME to just about any Unix, Linux or Windows platform.

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  • Modernise your IT

    Reimagine your digital transformation – modernise your IT.

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  • Reimagining legacy applications

    Reimagining legacy applications to embrace digital transformation.

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What is the true cost of legacy applications on your business?

Many organisations rely on an assortment of legacy systems to keep their business operating. However, this dependence on an ageing infrastructure is becoming ever more expensive. There are plenty of statistics suggesting that maintaining and operating legacy applications consumes anywhere from 60 to 80 per cent of corporate IT budgets – money that could be redirected to digital innovations that would bring greater competitive advantage.

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Looking at digital transformation through a different lens

A survey earlier this year by Russell Reynolds Associates of more than 2,000 C-level executives across 15 industries found that roughly 50 per cent expect their industry to be moderately or massively disrupted by digital in the next 12 months.

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