VME Migration Services

Move business-critical applications from ICL/Fujitsu VME

The ICL VME platform, now owned by Fujitsu, is difficult to integrate with modern IT systems.
Employing over 20 years of experience, our team can work with you to provide an automated, tools-based approach that rapidly transforms your entire VME application to run natively on platforms including Linux, Unix and Windows. This is done with minimal risk, and at a fraction of the cost of redeveloping or buying a package. Our solution ensures you retain existing business logic, and the value inherent in your core, trusted applications.
Migrating your application 'as is' offers an easy, tactical step towards a larger programme of modernisation. It opens up a wealth of business opportunities. Going forward you will have code that is maintainable in modern development environments such as Microsoft Visual Studio or Eclipse, and applications that integrate with modern systems. You will then be able to leverage all the benefits of cloud, data warehousing and business intelligence. We also offer another solution to modernise your critical applications through COBOL Migration.

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Are you Facing these Challenges?

There are a number of reasons why you may choose to migrate VME applications to an open systems environment. 
These include:

 Need to secure the future of business-critical applications

Wanting to reduce running costs

Needing integration with modern IT systems

Standardisation on corporate hardware platform

Minimise dependence on scarce skill sets

Requiring flexibility to support business growth


The benefits of migrating your VME applications


Minimise risk

With our automated tools, proven methodology and 20 years of experience, you can trust our experts to handle this process safely.


React quickly

You will have increased agility with more reliable business intelligence. Modernised applications will enable you to react to market changes, and ensure your organisation stays competitive.


Effective and clear planning

We define timescales and provide costs upfront to ensure that you know what expect from the project.


Minimal business disruption

We partner with you during the whole process to understand your business fully to make sure there is minimal disruption. Our automated tools ensure that your business logic and user interface remain consistent.


Availability of skills

The skills required to manage and develop applications on the VME platform are becoming few and far between, causing them to be expensive. Migrating to a modern environment makes more specialists available to support your technology. Our consultants are highly experienced with migrating a vast range of legacy applications, and will guide you each step of the way.


Don't just move, improve

After a successful migration, improvements can be made to the user interface, systems can be integrated, data can be transformed, and security will be enhanced

How we achieve a successful migration

With our mature and proven tools and products, you can deploy and transform your VME applications on your choice of Linux, Unix or Windows platforms

  • Enterprise Data Dictionary for maintaining a repository of application assets, enabling change to be driven from a single common point
  • Legacy Language Converter for VME COBOL code, usually to Micro Focus Visual COBOL
  • Legacy Language Converter for VME for Application Master code to COBOL
  • Legacy Language Converter for SCL to COBOL - and integration with a scheduler replacement
  • Extensive library of equivalent VME system commands and functions
  • TPMS Emulator - TPMS screen template extraction, generation of screens and TPMS replacement
  • IDMSX database and flat file data replaced by a modern Relational Database Management System (RDBMS - Oracle, EnterpriseDB, SQLServer etc), accessed via a number of generated mechanisms including a Data Access Layer API
  • Journal RollForward (JRF) provides one way synchronisation from IDMSX database (Production) to new RDBMS, enabling Business Intelligence, data integration and batch reporting to be performed against the new RDBMS before the application is re-platformed, giving early business benefits.
  • Various options are provided to replace the TPMS TP monitor
  • You can choose to keep a character-based user interface, or you can put a 'true' GUI or browser-based interface on your application.
  • Your data is converted from IDMSX to a leading relational database, such as Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server and accessed via generated SQL I/O modules.
  • Your COBOL application code is converted to be compliant with an open systems ANSI standard compiler.
  • Your Application Master code is also converted to well- structured and maintainable COBOL. The program follows the structure defined in DDS.
  • A comprehensive open systems-based library provides the equivalent functionality of the ICL9 system calls.
  • Your SCL is converted to COBOL and supports VME facilities such as generation numbers, user objects and libraries.
  • The migrated workload is then controlled by your existing Unix/Windows scheduler or you could use our U/Qube queue and print manager.
  • Minimum disruption to your business
  • Proven, fast, automated approach
  • Retain existing business logic
  • Integration with other core applications
  • Changes are traceable
  • Reduce the risk of human error
  • Generates maintainable code

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ICL/Fujitsu VME Migration

Our tools-based approach means we can rapidly move your application from ICL/Fujitsu VME to just about any Unix, Linux or Windows platform without risk, and at a fraction of the cost of redeveloping or buying a package.

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