Financial Management

The core of Cloud Financials is powered by robust accounting and financial management functionality. Cloud Financials enables finance teams to simply and accurately manage all elements of accounting from general ledger, accounts payable, credit management, bank reconciliation and much more.

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Our cloud financial management software helps manage all aspects of accounting.

Work more efficiently across the accounts payable and receivable processes

Accounts Payable

View payments, approvals, and reports—anytime, anywhere

Save time with automated accounts payable processes

Real-time view of accounts payable liabilities


Accounts Receivable

Streamline workflows across the accounts receivable cycle

Accelerate your cash process by shortening invoice and payment cycles

Automate manual processes and collection notices

Carry out effective end-to-end credit management 

Sales Invoicing

Automated invoice management saves time

Painless cash collections

Improve cash flow


Credit Management

Manages all elements of the credit management lifecycle

Easily implement dunning processes

Minimise credit risk

Manage sales invoicing and credit management using our Cloud Financial Management Software
Cloud Financial Management Software automates bank reconciliation and much more.

Automate the financial close process with bank reconciliation

Bank Reconciliation

Say goodbye to spreadsheets, with bank reconciliation

Receive real-time balances from general ledger

Match bank transactions to invoice or bill payments


Cloud Financials is scalable to your business needs, with further functionality such as:

Intra company accounting

Direct Debit mandates

Accounts payable service ledger

Receivables contract billing

Cloud Financials – more than just Accounting software

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Purchasing Management

Eliminate error and streamline purchase processes with our advanced purchasing management features and functionality.

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Dashboards and Reporting

With over 1,000 customisable reports available within Cloud Financials, learn how you can get a clear view of performance.

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Overview of Cloud Financials

Gain a holistic view of business performance and serve your organisation's finance needs with our Cloud-based Financial Management software.

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