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Docman 10

We are the leading supplier of electronic document management, workflow and transfer software for Primary, Secondary and Social Healthcare management.

Every day, thousands of letters are sent to GP Practices electronically from Secondary Care providers. With Docman 10, our clinical document management solution, GP Practice staff can process these letters effectively, share around the organisation securely and improve content management.

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How we are helping the NHS

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Your Challenges our Solutions

  • Managing incoming clinical correspondence
  • Working remotely
  • Sharing records nationally
  • Processing Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) messages
  • Docman 10 is a Cloud-based software platform which manages incoming clinical correspondence
  • Federated back-office working through the Cloud
  • Shared care records across a wider health landscape, with extended collaboration across healthcare settings
  • Docman 10 processes CDA messages in a structured way, which is easily consumable
  • Reliance on local hardware
  • Need to quickly and efficiently gain information
  • Require solutions that suit your needs and role
  • Lack of audit trail through the process
  • Docman 10 is browser-based, so it has no reliance on locally installed software and hardware, and is accessible through mobile and tablet devices
  • A powerful lightning search feature is always available in the notification bar
  • Cross-organisational workflow, messaging and tasking can be customised to meet the needs of the Practice, and Quick Steps can be set up based on user role or organisation
  • Information, document history and data at your fingertips
  • Need to meet technical requirements in a secure manner
  • Struggling to reach performance targets
  • Requirement for in-depth visibility over the entire system
  • Slow systems and long delays
  • Docman 10 uses the secure and approved N3 network
  • It’s assured against the HSCIC performance targets issued as part of the GPSoC contract
  • The system features an enhanced reporting suite and dashboards for improved Practice oversight
  • Docman 10 has been built with optimum bandwidth performance in mind
  • Tools that meet your everyday working needs
  • Cost effective solutions in the future
  • Using an easy and understandable solution
  • Ensuirng solutions are understandable for staff
  • Comprehensive workflow tools enabling you to review, information stamp, redact, highlight, annotate, action and action Transfer of Care documents and messages
  • Easy software updates with no overheads
  • The user interface has been carefully designed to deliver an intuitive user experience
  • Docman 10 is intuitive and easy to use

Key Features


Supporting new ways of working

  • Information, document history and data at your fingertips
  • Enhanced reporting suite and dashboards
  • Encouraging federated working with a live user presence to support discussions and collaborations around patients


An improved, faster experience

  • Receive and send information in an instant
  • Quickly consume and process CDA messages
  • Powerful lightning search always available


Significant time and cost savings

  • Easy software updates with no overheads
  • Greater productivity from fewer clicks
  • A Cloud-based service, providing a cost-effective solution - without the need for dedicated hardware on site

What our Customers think

"Looking forward to using it, smooth, slick and will be beneficial working across 3 sites"
Luke Nash, IT Manager, Parchmore Medical Centre
"Very excited by the new functions that will make the scanning more intuitive and user friendly."
Tara Bolton, Practice Manager, Abbeywood Surgery
"Saving time and increasing efficiency with delegation of clinical admin work from GPs and nursing team to clinical admin and to reception staff. Clinical governance systems have improved, summarising and coding of medical records turnaround has reduced from 6 weeks to 1 week and our clinical correspondence is now actioned twice daily."
Tracy Dell, Practice Manager, Plane Trees Group Practice

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