Drive improved patient care through complete clinical document management

With new care models and federated working comes the demand for a new way of working. Where commercial and independent organisations are often quick to embrace innovation, it can be difficult for staff working in healthcare to adopt new processes.

With our solutions for clinical document management, each person involved in a patient’s care journey can manage clinical documents in a simple controlled fashion through a secure Cloud application. Whether you’re a busy practice manager dealing with incoming patient correspondence, a member of the admin team charged with triaging referrals at a large hospital, or an out-of-hours GP consulting with new or unfamiliar patients, we’ve got a solution for you.


Future-proof in line with NHS standards

Organisations are ready and future-proofed against new emerging standards

Reduce time spent managing documents

Save costly processing and communication time while supporting referral to treatment targets

Save hours of administration time

A one-click philosophy that works for clinicians and administrators

View our Clinical Document Management products

Docman 10

Our clinical content management system has been developed to meet the challenges and demands of a 21st Century health economy, supporting Shared Care Records across a wider health landscape.

Docman Connect

Our transfer of care solution is a structured messaging platform which enables clinical communication between care settings.

Docman RMS

Our clinical workflow management system will help a Trust manage referrals regardless of how they are received.