Sales Order Processing

Advanced’s Purchase Order software module provides total flexibility in fulfilling customer requirements, whilst offering an unparalleled level of traceability and integration. From simple processes involving order taking, picking, delivery and invoicing, to more complex procedures with multiple locations.


Full Integration

Full integration with online and eBusiness systems.


Discount Systems

Sophisticated customer and supplier discount systems.


User Interface

Dedicated approval/authorisation user interface.

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We understand that growing organisations need new ways to boost productivity and demonstrate effectiveness, whilst reducing departmental costs and achieving more with less budget. Senior professionals of small to medium-sized organisations are accountable for numerous functions and Key Performance Indicators.

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OpenAccounts is a fully integrated, award-winning suite of financial accounting modules. It’s designed to help lift the load from finance teams, so they can focus on adding value to the business. It does this by delivering accurate management information across your entire organisation in real time, helping to reduce costs and boost financial visibility.

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Advanced Illustrations Hero Business Cloud Essentials

Business Cloud Essentials ERP Software

To keep up with the pace of change in today’s digital age, we understand that business owners are looking to technology to help control their business.

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Advanced Illustrations Hero Cloud Financials

Cloud Financials

CloudFinancials offers all the capabilities of a traditional on-premise financial system solution, with the added benefit of being able to access real-time finance data anywhere, anytime via the web.

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Cloud & IT Services

Cloud & IT Services

Ensure the integration of your business with the future by investing in the expertise of our forward-thinking Cloud & IT Services. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver a full view of your business, delivering intelligent insights that you can use to build your organisation today and tomorrow. From desktop to data centre and into the Cloud, our certified specialists can understand, modernise, migrate and manage your applications and infrastructure.

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Key features

  • Views of relevant stock items and complementary product suggestions whilst dealing with customers
  • Consolidation of deliveries or invoices by customer
  • Interactive reorder screens, increasing the speed of order processing
  • Scheduled and rush order processing
  • The instigation of purchase requisitions, orders, delivery notes and purchase invoices
  • Views of specific transactions by location (depot)
  • Snapshot inventory views showing ‘free’, ‘in stock’, ‘on order’ details by location
  • The ability to instigate stock replenishment by stock location (depot)
  • A dedicated approval/authorisation user interface
  • Automated email notifications of approval requests

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