Application Re-host and Migration

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Application Re-host and Migration

30 years of experience, and proven tools, to migrate your critical applications to modern platforms

Many mission critical applications run on old and expensive proprietary environments. If you are looking to standardise your data centers using commodity computing platforms, or to harness the power of private or public cloud services, we can help move your legacy applications to these new environments. Whether you are running IBM Mainframe, OpenVMS or ICL VME, we have the solutions to help you re-host these applications on modern platforms.

We have helped hundreds of organisations to evolve their legacy applications into modern operating environments, including deploying them on public or private cloud infrastructure.

We offer a comprehensive, automated, tools-based approach, which combined with our unique skills around modernisation project methodology, means that we can rapidly and cost-effectively move your business-critical applications from their current environments to commodity environments such as Linux, Windows and the cloud.

Application Migration


Cloud Solutions delivered with excellence in mind

Our recent Cloud Survey has shown that nearly 1 in 2 UK businesses are adopting a Cloud-first strategy to their technology investment and capitalising on the significant benefits offered by Cloud-based ERP solutions in the process.

We work alongside our customers to supply comprehensive and long term support for an ever-changing business environment.

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