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We offer solutions across the entire legal market, helping solicitors to navigate the legal system with simple right-first-time software. Partnering with you, we give strategic advantage to adapt processes quickly in order to anticipate ever-changing market and client requirements. We offer varying solutions to cut the cost of overheads and improve the way solicitors deliver a high level of service to their clients.


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Laserform Hub

Laserform Hub offers an efficient, secure way for lawyers to submit legal forms digitally, maintaining this as a seamless part of their current processes. It allows you to standardise the submission of data to government portals whilst introducing business focused capabilities. Find out more

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ALB is the fastest growing legal software in the market and provides legal offices with a fresh and modern approach. It’s ideal for any firm wishing to take advantage of a fully integrated practice and case management reporting system that requires minimal set-up. Find out more

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Laserform is the market leader for legal forms, providing a comprehensive library of forms with enhanced features, available in both desktop and intranet solutions.

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Cloud & IT Services

From desktop to data centre and into the Cloud, Advanced’s certified experts can manage your organisation’s IT, ensuring you are benefiting from its full value. Our tools can truly understand your environment so we can effectively modernise, migrate and manage it to best fit your unique workload.

Cloud & IT Services

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