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We understand that for HCM teams, your people are your most valuable asset. However, due to ageing technology, it often becomes challenging for HR teams to manage a large and diverse workforce. We’ve designed OpenHR to support your employees’ needs, now and in the future.

Through a combination of core HR functionality, instant online access and an all-inclusive reporting suite, OpenHR delivers unrivalled maintenance of your organisation’s full employee lifecycle, making sure you can cater for the employees of tomorrow.

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Our HR Software delivers




Your Challenges our Solutions


  • Inability to complete tasks quickly
  • Inability to focus on your people
  • Inability to track personal development
  • Inability to understand trends


  • Empower your HCM using a system that makes it easier to get a view of HR data
  • Help your employees by freeing up time to focus on value-adding tasks
  • Build a clear framework for your people by spending more time on development plans
  • Understand who your people are and what they want


  • Inability to understand employee behaviours
  • Inability to track employee trends
  • Inability to implement change in the business
  • Inability to predict progression, internal movement and mobility


  • Get a clear understanding of what would improve employee satisfaction
  • One view of what is motivating and driving your workforce
  • Create strategy based on data gathered directly from your people
  • Drive engagement and improve morale with a joined-up approach


  • Inability to attract new employees
  • Inability to predict the future of your workforce
  • Inability to improve retention
  • Inability to engage and track employee satisfaction


  • Attract Millennials and Generation Z by investing in your technology
  • Make the right decisions when building your future workforce using predictive analytics
  • Improve retention by empowering your teams to self-serve and provide easy access to documentation
  • Intuitive reports give you clear insight into your people and employee engagement levels


  • Inability to reduce paperwork
  • Inability for employees to access important information
  • Inability to have all employee data in one place
  • Inability to focus on value-add tasks


  • An integrated HCM suite, based in the Cloud
  • A system which enables staff to access what they need, whenever they need it
  • A HR product which allows you to access all employee data from one accessible system
  • Spend time investing in your people, not your processes, with an integrated, Cloud-based solution

What our Customers think

"OpenHR enabled us to manage pension auto-enrolment quickly and painlessly. Collating emails and responses from 900 staff within the systems without the need for manual data entry has saved approximately 400 hours alone in the last year as a result."
Andrew West > HR Manager > The Royal College of Nursing
"During the demonstrations, the HR software solution stood out from other suppliers in that it is such a flexible solution, giving us the tools to evolve the system as the marketplace dictates"
Stephanie Johnson > HR Manager > Barhale
"We no longer have paper flowing around the office, it is simply the click of a button and everything is completed digitally. It has been much more cost-effective and time-efficient to invest in software rather than outsource the function."
Enita Andrews > HR Manager > 1610

Payroll Software from Advanced

We partner with HCM departments to provide integrated technology for Payroll.



OpenPeople is our fast and accurate payroll processing solution that gives you all the tools for full payroll parameterisation, payroll production and maintenance of employee payroll details.

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