OpenLogistix is our sophisticated distribution, production and supply chain management software solution. It delivers better visibility and control, improving productivity and cost-effectiveness across the supply chain, by making key activities more efficient.

OpenLogistix helps you deliver better customer service through smarter working with your suppliers and offers you a single version of the truth so your management teams can get hold of accurate information more quickly.

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How can it help you?

Our focused solution simply improves control, visibility, productivity, quality and efficiency throughout the supply chain. Users benefit from reduced operating costs and increased profitability.

Our solution comprises a range of integrated modules that incorporate multi-company and multi-currency facilities throughout. All modules offer extensive functionality in a simple user interface and come with a range of standard enquiries, reports and import and export facilities to allow users to work intuitively with the system.



Boost efficiency

The automation and flexible processes delivered by our solution help to make supply chain activities more efficient.


Make better decisions

A single, accurate view of all supply chain information helps you make better decisions.


Fast installation

Fast to install and easy to learn, our software can cut training time and offer a fast return on investment.

Key features

A choice of modules covering logistics and manufacturing can be fully integrated with finance and project costing. OpenLogistix core modules operate standalone and integrate with other third-party systems, which has consistently provided an advantage for anyone seeking to implement a new solution in incremental phases.

"We are particularly pleased with how Collaborative Planning has engaged non-finance staff in the forecasting process which is fundamental to accurate financial planning"
Claire Davies, CFO, Islington Council
"As well as making it easy for call handlers to direct calls, Adastra enables information stored in the database to be easily shared. This saves the patient time and energy as they no longer have to repeat information, such as their symptoms and medications."
Debi Slack, Manager, RightCare (Derbyshire Health United)
"Having immediate access to key clinical information ensures we can give safe and reliable advice to patients by telephone on every shift, rather than a doctor or nurse having to visit possibly some distance away. This has made a huge difference and it is hard to imagine how we coped before."
Dr Graeme Crawford, Health and Social Care Northern Ireland (HSCNI)
"Using Adastra will modernise our service and improve the care we deliver to our patients by providing staff with a structured and supported technology system to effectively manage our NHS 111 calls."
Luci Stephens, Director of Operations (Clinical Co-ordination Centres), South Central Ambulance Service
"We recognised a change was needed if we were to succeed in the ‘new’ digital era, but we knew little about which technologies could help us reimagine our business. The Cloud ERP solution was recommended to us and, when seeing it in action, we were impressed by the features as well as the affordability and customer service that came with them. Moving to the cloud needn’t have been so daunting after all, and we are confident it will give us a fully integrated system fit for the future."
Anne German, System Manager, J S Bailey
"It’s become an invaluable visual tool that I trust to help me make important business decisions. It provides an overview of what’s going on in the business, from trends and tracking of consumption, and covers our key business operations including HR and payroll. The team quickly built up our confidence in the solution and we believe the Cloud is the way forward in transforming our processes online. "
Peter James, Owner and Founder, James Gourmet Coffee
"We have used CMIS at Surrey to optimise the use of our teaching spaces and CMISGo allows us to offer self-service booking options to our staff and students."
Colin Reeves, Timetabling Manager, University of Surrey
"We are particularly pleased with how the solution has engaged non-finance staff in the forecasting process which is fundamental to accurate financial planning and central to the ongoing success of the ‘Building World Class Finance Programme’. The Trust is now in a much stronger position to plan and control its finances. It’s about making sure that budgeting and forecasting are everyone’s business."
Neil Callow, Deputy Director of Finance, Business Partnering, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust
"Advanced's solution has eliminated various labour intensive processes, which will enable us to reduce our core finance costs by 40 percent, amounting to over £3 million."
Alan Layton, Director of Financial Management, Islington Council
"On the back of the system, we have completely restructured and transformed our Finance service, and delivered £1 million in savings. On top of that, we anticipate additional savings because Collaborative Planning allows budgets to be managed more closely, which encourages querying of spending."
Charlotte Wynn, Finance Manager, Cheshire West & Chester Council
"We now have a single version of the truth with staff able to access one accurate, up-to-date source of data. With electronic purchase-to-pay processes, we have greater visibility of spend and can ensure compliance."
Steve Brown, Financial Systems Manager, Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council
"Upgrading to Advanced e5 has meant we have been able to bring all of our regions in line with the UK."
Paul Johnson, Financial Systems Manager, WHSmith
"The fact we can access Progresso from any device anywhere makes running the MIS so much easier. With live reporting widgets for staff, parents and students alike, we can really engage the whole community and ensure all stakeholders have the information they need at their fingertips. Out-of-the-box and bespoke widgets are used across the school to provide staff with the data they require to make jobs easier and more efficient."
Neil Henderson, Deputy Head Teacher, Richard Challoner School
"Progresso is an extremely powerful tool which ticks every box in what we were looking for from an MIS."
Alex Taylor, Data Manager, Crompton House C of E School
"Our senior leaders and teachers will be able to access important data to gain a real-time view of learner progress – at the trust, academy, cohort or learner level - facilitating an efficient and rapid response to any immediate issues identified. In short, this software will empower our academies and staff to positively impact outcomes, in an instant."
Sally Edwards, Head of Business Intelligence, Academies Enterprise Trust
"Its extensive functionality and adaptability means that ALB is perfectly suited to meet our firm’s needs both now and in the future."
James Knight, Practice Manager, Spire Solicitors LLP
"ALB gives us everything we need from a PCMS, allowing us to work more effectively with the confidence that we will be supported both now and in the future."
Lloyd Bowman, Practice Manager, Eatons Solicitors
"As we look to improve client engagement, the automation that is provided by ALB will help us maximise efficiencies and ensure the customer has a first class experience."
Stuart Maher, Director, Watson Ramsbottom
"This level of simplicity of using the Workflow Toolkit to modify ALB allows us to respond to changes in the market and improve our processes with ease."
Philip McBride, Partner, John McKee Solicitors
"Advanced understands how we work. This is really key. We are partners, and any benefits we derive from the new system we can share and work together to develop going forwards. Moving from paper to electronic records is the biggest single change in a clinician’s practice since they qualified. [Carenotes] has enhanced clinical safety and outcomes for patients."
Mick Mather, Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust
"Carenotes is already improving efficiency by streamlining patient management and administration. The system’s advanced reporting capabilities have also increased information governance at all our sites and provides essential business intelligence which will help us to offer higher quality care and patient outcomes for veterans."
Richard Burley, Chief Information Officer, Combat Stress
"Carenotes Mobile is going to make it even easier for staff to access information on the go, meaning they spend less time on administration and more time with patients. Giving our patients access to their records is something that is cutting-edge within the NHS. Our service is sure to grow in the coming years, and Carenotes will support that growth and help us to operate as efficiently as possible and focus resources on our patients."
Adam Carson, Associate Director of IT, Birmingham Children’s Hospital
"I believe the system contributed to us achieving our Outstanding rating, which only around 1% of care homes in the country currently hold. The commissioners liked how innovative and forward-thinking we were, and loved the technology’s side-effect of our staff having more time to spend with our residents."
Lou Squires, Managing Director, Clifton St Annes
"Integrated mobile technology has been well received because ultimately it gives care workers much more flexibility. They can access accurate, up-to-date service user information anytime, anywhere, securely from their tablet throughout the day and can report as and when they want to."
Mark Bailey, Owner, Fairways Care
"What we noticed when Advanced came along was that they provided a much more robust system. When an update has been applied, we know there will not be follow-up issues. Advanced are also very efficient at managing support calls to meet our needs."
Chris Ryan, Managing Director, St Andrew’s Care Home
"The simplicity of navigation and usage of the system is remarkable, especially considering its profound intelligence."
Jacky Chase, 25 Bedford Row
"Mobile MLC is excellent. It is simple to use with a focus on key information."
Stephen Ward, CEO, Clerksroom
"The introduction of ‘less-paper’ working gives our barristers, who are traditionally mobile workers, the ability to service clients in a secure and flexible environment, while enhancing the speed and reliability of that service."
Chris Ronan, CEO, St John’s Chambers
"The Advanced system allows us to prepare the match day tickets in a fraction of the time that our previous system took. This saves countless hours counting out tickets by hand, allowing us to batch print large amounts of tickets at the press of a button. This means our limited match day staff can spend time on other duties."
Jamie Griffiths, Administration Officer, Hereford FC
"We needed a more efficient ticketing system and since the solution went live this season, we are already seeing the benefits of Cloud Venue"
Development Manager, Private Sector
"Thanks to Advanced and their technology, we can create 30-40% more events, showing our parents and alumni we are proactive and caring, while building a stronger presence within the community."
Jane Pendry, Head of Development, The Dragon School
"Crosscare really makes a difference to our staff and our patients. By having all our patient information electronically in one place, staff do not have to waste time going through paper records and looking for the information they need. For the back-office staff it makes reporting and auditing quicker and easier, while it gives clinicians more time to focus on caring for our patients."
Andy Dann, Business Systems and Information Co-ordinator, St. Margaret's Hospice
"We now have a central, holistic view of care plans incorporating clinical notes and family support which enhances our service."
Wendy Faulknall, Director of Care, Demelza Hospice Care for Children
"Logging visits and activity onto patient databases was previously an onerous activity. We had highly qualified nurses tapping in numbers with no gain for patient care but with Crosscare it’s integrated, so when you fill in your notes, its automatically logging your figures at the same time. We get a much more accurate picture and it’s not a task staff end up with at the end of the week. Extracting data and reports is also much simpler – information for MDS submissions can now be gathered in hours by one person."
Jane O'Donnell, Nurse Specialist, St Catherine’s Hospice
"One of our provisos was that this had to be as near real-time as it could possibly be… When we had that in place and started running reports, we were amazed at how quickly the actual reports were running, we were getting performance improvements on average of around 10 to 50 times better and in some instances 500 times better - which far exceeded our expectations. This in turn was an enabler to allow further development of reports providing more informed analysis - previously we would not have attempted this due to the length of time taken to run reports."
Colin White, National Finance Systems Manager, NHS Scotland
"By outsourcing our financial accounting, AP and AR processes to ELFS and moving to an Advanced managed finance system, we expect to save at least £200,000 per year. These savings are key if we’re to meet our tough cost-cutting targets."
Amanda Cant, Deputy Director of Finance, London Ambulance Service
"We can now procure goods and services more efficiently than ever before and have much greater control over procurement, whilst being smarter about what we procure and from whom. This has allowed us to more tightly manage costs. At a time when public sector budgets are under increasing scrutiny, effectively managing our spend is key."
Richard Parker, Head of Financial Accounts, George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust
"The biggest change and cost saving has come from the fact that we have been able to reduce our administrative headcount by 20%, due to the fact that Advanced Exchequer provides automated functions which were performed manually with the help of the old Sage system."
Graham Wilkin, Head of Finance, Lighthouse, Poole Arts Trust
"From the moment we started to use Advanced Exchequer, we had total clarity of the business from a financial perspective – something that is vital for a charity."
Besim Mani, Finance Systems Manager, Museum of London
"The reporting functionality within Advanced Exchequer makes it much easier to produce and distribute management reports, helping us to provide transparency of information to all staff and stakeholders."
Rob Ford, Finance Manager, Compassion in World Farming
"Hosting with Advanced is more reliable and provides us with the benefit of having access to services wherever we are."
Anonymous, Finance Manager, Not-For-Profit Organisation
"Staffplan Roster has transformed us into a modern and highly efficient organisation. We have been able to move from employing lots of part-time staff to having a smaller but more productive team of full-time employees, which has made a significant difference to our bottom line through a reduction in recruitment and training fees."
John-Joe Cottam, Owner, Gardiner’s Nursing and Homecare
"We can now work our IT investment harder, delivering faster and more efficient services to our clients while maintaining a different standard of service in a competitive property market."
James Cushing, Finance Director, Vail Williams
"I am very impressed by the platform, both in terms of the approach taken to development, and the product itself. It is a very good response to the way we are to interact with the world going forward."
Ben Hoare, Bell Solicitors
"The Laserform Hub has enabled our firm to embrace digital submissions while offering efficiencies beyond the time saving aspect. The Hub has been designed with law firms’ needs in mind. Pre-population, mandatory fields and validation all help to ensure a more efficient and cost-effective solution to offer our clients a reliable and efficient service."
Richard Gaston, Research and Knowledge Manager, Addleshaw Goddard
"Moving from paper to online submissions is an essential step for us to ensure that we offer the fastest and most efficient service to our clients. Laserform Hub allows us to achieve this while also driving down rejection rates."
Rochelle Garnon, Head of Knowledge & Information Services, Fieldfisher
"We wanted a solution that could help modernise our practice. Our server was coming to the end of its life and we recognised the savings we could achieve by migrating to the Cloud. It made sense to upgrade our PCMS at the same time to a modern solution. We reviewed the other suppliers and it was clear that ALB was the best out there for us."
Jim Stephenson, Partner, Thorley Stephensons
"With multiple offices we needed the flexibility of a Cloud-based system alongside a full PCMS – Advanced and ALB fit that bill perfectly. The software will allow us to achieve greater efficiency thanks to task automation – especially for conveyancing and executory cases - while the Cloud will provide us with the remote and mobile working capabilities that we need."
David Miller, Business Manager, NGL
"The inclusion of Laserform in Advanced’s portfolio means the amount of data we have to enter will be minimal. Being hosted through their Cloud infrastructure means we will only have one IT supplier that we need to talk to, it’s the perfect solution."
David Miller, Business Manager, NGL
"I would recommend MLC to any chambers seeking to gain a competitive edge and future-proof their business."
Dan Coote, Clerk, 5 Stone Buildings
"The product easily caters for our management, reporting and marketing requirements."
Keith Plowman, Senior Clerk, Ten Old Square
"We’re a data driven organisation and Advanced NFP’s CARENG solution is at the centre of our business, managing this for us. "
Anonymous, The Woodlands Trust
"We considered large and small providers from the UK and the US... in the end, we chose Advanced out of all of them for demonstrable sector expertise and a track record of successful delivery."
Helen Nott, Director Marketing, The Woodland Trust
"Systems like Odyssey provide us with all the support and information we need to be able to make decisions safely for our patients. Without them more patients would be unnecessarily taken to hospital, which is inconvenient for them and the wider NHS."
Neil Spencer, Service Improvement Manager, East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS)
"We have used Odyssey for three years to drive better patient care in out-of-hours services for GP practices, and felt reassured to extend our use of the system to underpin our Healthline service. Odyssey ensures we deliver safe, effective clinical advice and connect patients with the most appropriate care."
Andrew Slater, Chief Executive Officer, Homecare Medical Ltd. (New Zealand)
"OpenAccounts stood out from the competition because it combined exceptional ease of use with the best all-round functionality, ranging from invoicing to consolidated management reports."
Graham Camfield, Systems Accountant, Brendoncare
"Investing in OpenAccounts is one of the wisest investments we’ve ever made and, over the years, has helped us to save thousands of pounds. Put simply, we don’t know what we would have done without it!"
Sean Evans, Financial Resource Manager, Wirral Partnership Homes
"Advanced’s software has been so successful at cutting administration and improving the support team’s processes that we have been able to move individuals’ skill sets to more added value tasks to better cope with new demands from across the College."
Nicola Whiting, Systems Accountant, New College Durham
"We started off with 360 employees and now have around 1,000 working across multiple business units. We needed a way of managing employee information and reporting on various key performance indicators. A picture paints a thousand words, which is important when you have busy managers."
Blane Dodds, Chief Executive, North Lanarkshire Leisure
"It is such a flexible solution, giving us the tools to evolve the system as the marketplace dictates and as Barhale’s growth strategy demands, and all this without Barhale incurring huge consultancy costs."
Stephanie Johnson, HR Manager, Barhale
"The reports we produce in Advanced's system are key to making informed management decisions. Producing them manually would be a highly time consuming and painstaking process. The solution enables us to extract and manipulate information very easily and provide it in a manager’s required format, saving many hours each week since it was implemented."
Andrew West, HR Manager, The Royal College of Nursing
"One of the standout benefits of OpenPeople is its reporting capability. We can report on any aspect of payroll very quickly in minutes rather than days. OpenPeople has improved our efficiency as well as our capability for forecasting as we are now using real-time information. I would wholeheartedly recommend OpenPeople to anyone and, in fact, have already done so on several occasions."
Carole Mellis, Global Payroll Manager, Sparrows
"We are really delighted with the product and I can’t see how we would manage now without it."
Andy Duckworth, Finance Director, Trethowans
"Stock checks can now be done with a touch of a button. Before PRM, staff had to be gathered at a weekend to count and record all stock items. This was very labour-intensive, open to errors and couldn't provide a real-time, holistic view of stock across the theatres."
Fred Cock, Clinical Services Manager, Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust
"Utilising this focused technology and working with specialist partners like Advanced, enables us to monitor and track students’ activity and deliver the quality education they deserve."
Paul Marsden, Director of IT and Estates, Croydon College
"The software offers us a great deal of flexibility with complete visibility of our stock and inventory, both in the UK and overseas."
Phil Vaughan, Systems Manager, Just Rollers plc
"My eyes are now properly opened to the simplicity and visibility that the Cloud ERP solution from Advanced gives us. We can easily see the profit for individual invoices, jobs, projects, departments or the whole operation which means we can focus on those which give us the best return."
SH McLoughlin, Director, c-Fury Limited
"Advanced Business Cloud has been the foundation of our business success and is absolutely instrumental in our future. It has taken us from one employee to 20; we think it could take us from 20 to 100. It’s been brilliant for us from start to finish. "
Kit Burgoyne, Director, Aspire Furniture
"I’ve been delighted with the Laserform Hub from Advanced. Since adopting the service, we’ve seen legal charges registered in record time and the associated concerns over the looming 21-day deadline removed. We’ve found Laserform Hub to be highly effective yet incredibly easy to use."
Richard Saxton, Partner, Higgs & Sons
"Advanced has an excellent reputation across the sector and having multiple products from the same supplier means that our IT systems are more integrated, which saves us considerable amounts of time and therefore money."
Marc Jordan, Assistant Principal, College of North West London
"ProMetrix has been well worth the money spent and has saved the department a lot of development time."
Andrew Luck, Oaklands College
"Giving student’s information about their performance will increase their accountability and help our staff to engage with them. Providing information about their grades and attendance will increase their sense of responsibility and give them control of their own academic destiny."
Rob Bishop, Head of Strategic MIS, City of Bristol College
"We needed a solution that would support all departments across the College to contribute to this central database, and that could be implemented in a tight timescale from merger to the new academic year. ProSolution was the most responsive to our needs, the best value for money and there was a can-do approach to meeting the deadline. It was a big challenge but we had confidence in Advanced and we started the new year with a new MIS that smoothly completed 2,000 enrolments in two weeks."
David Grant, Director of Information Services & Systems, Bath College
"I would recommend ProSolution; it is simple, powerful and has a huge impact on the efficiency of our organisation. Advanced offers focused technology and specialism within the education sector, and their solutions help us to monitor and analyse students’ activity, retention and achievement so that we can continue to evolve and deliver an outstanding academic experience."
Fiona Morey, Deputy Principal, Aylesbury College
"We have gained enhanced levels of visibility and reliability of data relating to 5,000 registers which ensures teachers are paid on time as they can quickly mark all pupils in a timetabled class. Reducing paper-based processes has dramatically improved efficiency and reduced the risk of vital information disappearing into a black hole. Requests to change personal information or to withdraw and transfer students can be immediately made online by teaching staff and then actioned or rejected by MIS staff, without the need for re-keying."
Jo Haine, Information Systems Manager, Solihull College
"One of the biggest benefits for us is empowering the customer to be able to access their information directly at any point. They will be able to track progress of a job, get their own reports and much more without having to request this from us."
Linaker, Nationwide Mechanical & Electrical Maintenance Specialists
"We also wanted to use technology to unlock the potential of our workforce. For example, care workers will operate through the Advanced Hosting platform when logging on remotely to manage their visit schedules, via smart devices such as a tablet or phone. This saves valuable time; care workers won’t have to spend time organising paperwork and instead can concentrate on what is really important, the care of its service users."
Scott Christie, CEO, Carewatch
"Everyone is talking about providing a personalised journey for customers but very few are actually delivering this. We’re excited about the opportunity to deliver an unrivalled experience using TALENT, which we believe will play a pivotal role in driving our commercial success."
Michaela Robins, Head of IT, Silverstone Circuits Ltd
"Most recently we have upgraded to the latest version of TALENT to ensure we’re offering fans a fully mobile-responsive service. Wherever they are, on whatever device, they can now engage with us, purchase from us and the system knows their favourite seat, holds their payment details and purchasing history to ensure it is easy to engage online."
Chris Rose, Head of Brand, Leicester Tigers
"We’re very proud of our website now. The customer experience is much better and we know this because we don’t hear about it. We no longer get complaints from customers and staff about the site crashing and we’ve seen a huge reduction in the number of negative comments posted on the web."
Di Hudson, Head of IT, Goodwood Estate Company Limited
"The user-friendly nature of the system really helped us to get to grips with ordering/stock/invoicing. The flexibility of the support team has been very useful."
Kit Burgoyne, Director, Aspire Furniture
"Today, nearly a thousand users at Berwin Leighton Paisner use electronic forms supplied by Advanced’s Laserform"
Julie Jenkins, Systems support manager > Berwin Leighton Painser
"I’d recommend Laserform to any law firm looking to gain efficiencies and an improved user experience"
Charlotte Corbyn, Solicitor, Taylor Rose Solicitors

Case studies

"Having a flexible and reliable platform allows us to create a long term IT strategy leading up to and after the completion of the tunnel."
Read case study
"Advanced has successfully built a really strong, resilient and flexible platform that offers versatility and scope for many years to come."
Read case study
"We considered large and small providers from the UK and US... in the end, we chose Advanced NFP out of all of them for demonstrable sector expertise and a track record of successful delivery."
Read case study
"We now save huge amounts of time, boosting productivity and profitability on each case."
Read case study
"Crosscare stood out among the other offerings we looked at because it is designed specifically for hospices and is completely customisable, so it had the flexibility to adapt to our changing needs."
Read case study
"The £421,000 savings RD&E has so far achieved would not have been possible without Advanced’s Patient-level Resource Management system."
Read case study
"The implementation of the PDA (Netezza) solution alongside eFinancials, addresses a long-term issue around the frustrations and concerns regarding the capabilities of BI. It has made us more efficient and is helping us add value to our processes."
Read case study
"This level of simplicity of using the Workflow Toolkit to modify ALB allows us to respond to changes in the market and improve our processes with ease."
Read case study
"Collaborative Planning has eliminated various labour intensive processes, which will enable us to reduce our core finance costs by 40 per cent, amounting to over £3 million."
Read case study
"The use of Advanced Business Solutions eBIS functionality not only provides electronic access but is workflow enabled which increases productivity."
Read case study
" The new system has given us much greater integration while generating significant time savings and improving the way that staff manage and use their time."
Read case study
"TALENT has given us the ecommerce functionality that we so desperately needed."
Read case study
"With Advanced fully managing our system, this has removed the associated risks of us having to manage it ourselves. We are also enjoying ready access to the Advanced team which is especially reassuring."
Read case study
"We required a modern solution that was also very user-friendly as many of our staff had limited experience of using computers at that time."
Read case study
"Integrated mobile technology has been well received because ultimately it gives care workers much more flexibility."
Read case study
"Saving ambulance journeys for those most in need is obviously a massive benefit for those in a serious situation."
Read case study
"Thanks to Advanced and their technology, we can create 30- 40% more events, showing our parents and alumni we are proactive and caring, whilst building a stronger presence within the community."
Read case study
"We chose Crosscare because we were looking for a development partner and Advanced Health & Care were open to this approach."
Read case study
"Although we were aware of a number of providers offering mobile care solutions, we knew Advanced would be the perfect partner for us."
Read case study
"On the back of the system we have completely restructured and transformed our Finance service, and delivered £1 million in savings. On top of that we anticipate additional savings because Collaborative Planning allows budgets to be managed more closely, which encourages querying of spending."
Read case study
"The college are now in a much stronger position to face the significant challenges ahead in terms of maximising access to employers and stakeholders and to contribute to the national 3 million apprenticeship starts target by 2020."
Read case study
"OpenAccounts stood out from the competition because it combined exceptional easeof use with the best allround functionality, ranging from invoicing to consolidated management reports."
Read case study
"We are passionate about embracing technology and providing our team and our clients with the very best service."
Read case study
"There was nothing else available which offered this level of information in this way, so OverVu was the obvious choice."
Read case study
"What we noticed when Advanced came along was that they provided a much more robust system. When an update has been applied, we know there will not be follow-up issues. Advanced are also very efficient at managing support calls to meet our needs."
Read case study
"As a business we are delighted to have such a great tool, to ease reporting of events that give rise to concern, in such a straightforward manner."
Read case study
"We have ambitious plans for Silverstone to become a destination venue and Advanced proved to be the right partner to meet our needs now and into the future."
Read case study
"Advanced has experience of dealing with application vendors through its 30-year history of providing integration products and services. It has enabled them to address not only our technical requirements, but also our business needs."
Read case study
"The Advanced system allows us to prepare the match day tickets in a fraction of the time that our previous system took."
Read case study
"Implementing RightCare© supported by Adastra was a smart decision – all our patients are now assessed quickly, accurately and efficiently, which is a ‘win win’ for both the patient and DHU."
Read case study
"The main benefit we see is the flexibility and extensibility the solution offers - it will continue to support the bank for years to come."
Read case study
"Advanced's proven migration methodology and initial PathFinder process helped us to analyse the migration before we even started, and gave us the confidence that Advanced was able to handle this complex project."
Read case study
"The support we received from Advanced throughout the project was excellent, with regular and effective communications."
Read case study

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