ProMetrix is a web-based dashboard solution that displays key performance indicators (KPIs), ideally suited to further education colleges, training providers, adult learning and local authorities.

Consolidating data from multiple systems to a single location, ProMetrix empowers decision makers displaying the right information in an attractive and concise format, to work smarter and make decisions faster.


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ProMetrix is our web-based dashboard which gives you access to your organisation's KPIs in a user-friendly format. The comprehensive suite of reports, aggregates data from the ProSuite and third-party solutions. Reports are displayed as gauges or charts on the dashboard which is easily configurable to suit your bespoke needs.

Developed in partnership with our customers, ProMetrix ensures each of your users has a personalised dashboard displaying significant information relevant to their role within the college.



Make smarter decisions and act faster

View graphs and charts via intelligent dashboards showcasing your organisations data in real-time to make decisions and take action faster.


3rd party integration

Display key information from your ProSuite solutions and all third party data sources.


Personalised dashboard

Customise your dashboard with a series of different tabs and add your organisation's logo.


Available on multiple devices

Access your KPIs wherever you are on PC, laptop, mobile or tablet.

Key features

ProMetrix combines graphs, charts and gauges with powerful reporting and drill-down functionality so you not only see, quickly and clearly, how your organisation is performing in real-time but you can take corrective actions earlier.

Comprehensive suite of reports

Comprehensive suite of reports

ProMetrix includes a suite of quality reports from key areas such as achievement, retention, attendance and pass rates. These are immediately ready to be added to a user’s dashboard and are kept up-to-date with each product release. Improve data surfacing within your organisation for all of your staff, highlighting key reports and analysis to improve learning outcomes. Take corrective action earlier to prevent small issues becoming larger problems.

Drill down capabilities

Drill down capabilities

Allow staff to drill-down through the data from a high-level aggregated indicator on a gauge or chart, right down to the individual information that contributes to the top-level number. The report viewer can be opened from each and every report to allow the data to be interrogated further. Export data to PDF, Excel and Word for further analysis or sharing within your organisation.

Intelligent dashboards

Intelligent dashboards

The reports within ProMetrix are displayed as gauges or charts on the dashboard. General users will see the reports selected and configured by the administrator. Advanced users can configure their own dashboards. Dashboard configuration includes, selecting and positioning reports and applying criteria. This allows a user to have a personalised dashboard displaying significant information relevant to their role within the organisation whether that be MIS Director, Principal, Teacher, Curriculum Manager etc.

"Utilising this focused technology and working with specialist partners like Advanced, enables us to monitor and track students’ activity and deliver the quality education they deserve."
Paul Marsden, Director of IT and Estates, Croydon College
"Advanced has an excellent reputation across the sector and having multiple products from the same supplier means that our IT systems are more integrated, which saves us considerable amounts of time and therefore money."
Marc Jordan, Assistant Principal, College of North West London
"ProMetrix has been well worth the money spent and has saved the department a lot of development time."
Andrew Luck, Oaklands College
"Giving student’s information about their performance will increase their accountability and help our staff to engage with them. Providing information about their grades and attendance will increase their sense of responsibility and give them control of their own academic destiny."
Rob Bishop, Head of Strategic MIS, City of Bristol College
"We needed a solution that would support all departments across the College to contribute to this central database, and that could be implemented in a tight timescale from merger to the new academic year. ProSolution was the most responsive to our needs, the best value for money and there was a can-do approach to meeting the deadline. It was a big challenge but we had confidence in Advanced and we started the new year with a new MIS that smoothly completed 2,000 enrolments in two weeks."
David Grant, Director of Information Services & Systems, Bath College
"I would recommend ProSolution; it is simple, powerful and has a huge impact on the efficiency of our organisation. Advanced offers focused technology and specialism within the education sector, and their solutions help us to monitor and analyse students’ activity, retention and achievement so that we can continue to evolve and deliver an outstanding academic experience."
Fiona Morey, Deputy Principal, Aylesbury College
"We have gained enhanced levels of visibility and reliability of data relating to 5,000 registers which ensures teachers are paid on time as they can quickly mark all pupils in a timetabled class. Reducing paper-based processes has dramatically improved efficiency and reduced the risk of vital information disappearing into a black hole. Requests to change personal information or to withdraw and transfer students can be immediately made online by teaching staff and then actioned or rejected by MIS staff, without the need for re-keying."
Jo Haine, Information Systems Manager, Solihull College

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"The college are now in a much stronger position to face the significant challenges ahead in terms of maximising access to employers and stakeholders and to contribute to the national 3 million apprenticeship starts target by 2020."
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"Advanced has successfully built a really strong, resilient and flexible platform that offers versatility and scope for many years to come."
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