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We understand that organisations are dealing with tough and increasingly unpredictable economic conditions. In this climate, we know preserving positive cash flow, reducing risk and simply keeping up with the rate of business change has become much more difficult. 

If you’re facing these challenges, our focused Business Intelligence (BI) tools can offer you enormous value. With the right tools, you can get accurate insight into your business performance and model any potential business changes before you make them. This takes the guesswork out of your business development activities, which can protect valuable cash reserves and lower your risk.

How our business intelligence software can help


Quick ROI

Our solutions are easy to set up, avoid the need to re-key data, improve processes and simplify maintenance.


Full integration

Full integration capability with other business systems for better functionality and lower risk.


Deployment options

We offer a range of deployment options including managed services, Cloud services, SaaS and shared services. 

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Data Analytics & Business Intelligence

Your data is your future. Intelligently use your data to generate insight and identify patterns

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Cloud & IT Services

From desktop to data centre and into the Cloud, Advanced’s certified experts can manage your organisation’s IT, ensuring you are benefiting from its full value. Our tools can truly understand your environment so we can effectively modernise, migrate and manage it to best fit your unique workload.

Cloud & IT Services

Key features

  • Reduce costs with better expense management 

  • Reduce risks by spotting trends and issues at a glance 

  • Gain visibility into transactions with easy access to dashboards


  • Meet regulatory compliances 

  • Discover and make the most of new business opportunities 

  • Maximise investment returns and portfolio performance

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