Predictive Analytics

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Predictive analytics from Advanced is a robust, well-established technology used throughout the industrial, commercial and public sectors to forecast what is likely to happen next (based on what has happened in the past). It is used, for example, to predict which customers are likely to switch to a competitor; to make marketing campaigns more effective; to detect insurance fraud and to provide solutions for dozens of other crucial business problems.

How our software can help


Reduce costs

Software that detects even minor anomalies or failure patterns to highlight the areas of greater risk, allowing you to take action before it's too late.


Predict outcomes more accurately

Our solutions allow you to predict likely outcomes more accurately, which means you can target actions and interventions.


Audit and reporting

Predict losses resulting from payment errors by running predictive analytics against financial data.

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Document Management

Securing the documents you have stored can seem a costly task, but successful document management can reduce costs.

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Business Cloud Essentials ERP Software

To keep up with the pace of change in today’s digital age, we understand that business owners are looking to technology to help control their business.

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Cloud Financials

CloudFinancials offers all the capabilities of a traditional on-premise financial system solution, with the added benefit of being able to access real-time finance data anywhere, anytime via the web.

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Illustration of cloud software that has allowed for greater visibility and enhanced capabilities to access and analyse data to inform strategic decisions

Data Analytics & Business Intelligence

Your data is your future. Intelligently use your data to generate insight and identify patterns

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Cloud & IT Services

Cloud & IT Services

From desktop to data centre and into the Cloud, Advanced’s certified experts can manage your organisation’s IT, ensuring you are benefiting from its full value. Our tools can truly understand your environment so we can effectively modernise, migrate and manage it to best fit your unique workload.

Cloud & IT Services

Key features

  •  By using a wide range of data, you can construct predictive models that can act as an early warning system
  • Our solution detects fraud by working with numerical and textual records, and highlights the cases most worth investigating
  • Use predictive analytics to support operational decisions to improve service delivery across the board
  • Our predictive maintenance technology gathers and analyses information from a variety ofsources

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"Advanced has successfully built a really strong, resilient and flexible platform that offers versatility and scope for many years to come."
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"Having a flexible and reliable platform allows us to create a long term IT strategy leading up to and after the completion of the tunnel."
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