Serving 1 million emergency call-outs, we’re always responsive to your safety.

We proactively partner with you to help you actively meet the challenge to deliver accessible and affordable emergency care.

We're proud to be the number one supplier of business management and information systems, trusted by UK police forces. More than 1 in 4 UK forces use our financial and procurement solutions to reduce costs and improve efficiency, keeping our streets safe every day. But we’re not limited to police forces – we also offer solutions to suit every budget for ambulance services and fire and rescue. We know how to help emergency services organisations achieve efficiency goals whilst enabling a fast, cost-efficient response. Our Advanced technology streamlines daily operations, achieves demonstrable year-on-year savings, and helps you meet your financial and regulatory requirements.

Our 20 years' experience working with the Public Sector means our people have depth of market insight to deliver business management and information systems to UK emergency services. More than 25% of UK forces use our financial and procurement solutions to reduce costs and improve efficiency. We've helped emergency services organisations realise savings of up to 18% in expense claims and up to 60% in purchase invoice processing costs. Through our shared services and outsourcing, we've also helped emergency services reduce central purchasing process costs by up to 70%


Sectors for Emergency Services

Advanced Icon Sector Local Government


Rising expectations around citizen engagement and digital government have put how you evolve into the spotlight. Streamline your organisation with our software solutions for Local and Central Government organisations.

Advanced Icon Sector Urgent Unplanned Care

Urgent & Unplanned care

Our expert solutions enable finance and back-office professionals to optimise efficiencies, while our solutions for safe clinical triage and seamless patient management enable healthcare providers to reimagine unplanned care delivery.

Solutions for Emergency Services

Advanced Icon Solution Budgeting Forecasting
Advanced Icon Solution Clinical Decision Support

Clinical Decision Support

Our leading clinical decision support system helps millions of patients all over the world, every day, receive the appropriate care at the right time.

Advanced Icon Solution Clinical and Patient Management

Clinical Patient Management

Our clinical patient management system is used by over 90% of out-of-hours primary care services in the UK and is specifically designed for use in urgent and unplanned care settings.

Advanced Icon Solution Coroners


The leading supplier of coronial software for the UK. Advanced offers the most comprehensive case management platform for coroners.

Electronic Patient Record Solution

Our electronic patient record system covers all aspects of community, mental & child healthcare. Specialist modules cater for substance misuse, CAMHS and child health services.

Advanced Icon Solution Financial Accounting
Advanced Icon Solution Human Resources

Human Resources

With over 30 years' experience, our human resources (HR) solutions are designed to help you streamline processes, increase efficiency and boost business performance.

Advanced Icon Solution Membership


Our extensive knowledge of membership management database software has been developed over 30 years of listening to our clients and responding to changes within the sector.

Advanced Icon Solution Payroll Software

Payroll Software

We offer fast, accurate and fully compliant payroll solutions

Cloud & IT Services

Cloud & IT Services

From desktop to data centre and into the Cloud, Advanced’s certified experts can manage your organisation’s IT, ensuring you are benefiting from its full value. Our tools can truly understand your environment so we can effectively modernise, migrate and manage it to best fit your unique workload.

Cloud & IT Services

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Back-office and clinical decision support for ambulance services

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