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A modern futureproof solution that delivers compliant forms in both .pdf and digital format and a submission platform with risk management built-in.

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Key features:

  • 24/7 availability

  • Secure and compliant

  • Submissions management

  • Digital and.pdf form libraries

  • API enabled

  • IHT 400 workflow

  • Automated functionality

  • Easy client collaboration

A rich, diverse customer base

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How Legal Forms will benefit your business

Cloud Forms streamlines repetitive and time-consuming tasks, and offers performance tracking that provides valuable insight into operational efficiency
Cost efficiency
You will benefit from reduced running costs and a leaner, more efficient solution that’s based on operational funding rather than capital expenditure
Risk management
Protect your firm, and your clients, with a system safeguarded by the latest security and data protection technologies - and the highest levels of expertise

Why work with OneAdvanced?

We have deep sector knowledge baked into our products.
Our team has developed this sector-leading software from the ground up.
Our experts understand your problems before we find a solution.

When you compare the form collaboration cycles of Laserform and Legal Forms, the business driver for change becomes very obvious. Five years ago, we wouldn’t have thought forms could be this flexible.

Sean Edwards, Business Analyst, Glaisyers LLP
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Features and benefits

24/7 Forms

Help your teams remove the barriers of time and place

The incorporation of modern form processes into a law firm's operations is a strategic move that brings a number of substantial benefits. One of the most significant is having access to forms that are correct, secure, and easily accessible from wherever your teams are working.

Benefits of this feature
  • All that users require to make remote working seamless is internet access and a browser
  • An expert editorial team make all required form revisions to ensure everything’s up to date
  • We upload all amended versions automatically to your library
  • Fast, secure, and seamless access with single login
  • Enables easy, secure, collaboration, and faster matter completion

Applicant and People Management

We help you overcome the risks

Our digital submission platform allows you to control, and eliminate, the common barriers that delay progress and lead to rejected form submissions. In addition to reduced completion times, it also manages compliance, and delivers data that provides valuable insight into performance.

Benefits of this feature
  • Pre-approved authorisers can review and sign-off all information before submission
  • To reduce rejection rates, submission is only allowed once the data is confirmed as valid
  • Simply drag and drop all required submission documents
  • The entire submission process is supervised automatically, including critical deadlines
  • Performance surveillance features include full form histories, audit trails and reporting

Automated Efficiency

Achieve more, in less time

Cloud Forms exceed the capability of desktop software by providing automated functionality that guarantees every user has a range of time-saving efficiency features at their fingertips.

Benefits of this feature
  • Automated complex calculations save time and reduce the risk of user error
  • Expand, or add, rows to ensure there’s sufficient room for all required information
  • Bundled forms can be saved together as one file
  • Both in-progress and completed forms are auto-saved to the Cloud, ensuring no work is lost
  • APIs enable automated pre-population of data from case management or document software

IHT400 Workflow

Boost probate and private client performance

Our innovative workflow supports busy practitioners by offering an easy, accurate way to produce a full account for HM Revenue and Customs. Comprised of all forms related to a full HM Inheritance tax account, it allows users to individually select forms and schedules and link them in one comprehensive file, significantly simplifying the process.

Benefits of this feature
  • A linked navigation panel takes users quickly to all required forms and schedules
  • Multiple forms and schedules can be worked on simultaneously
  • Automated complex calculations, data pre-population of practice/matter details on supplemental forms
  • Quick access to all rates and tables, including thresholds for nil rate band amount for previous years
  • Access to up-to-date HMRC guidance via direct links to their website

Client Collaboration

Transform your forms library into a collaboration tool

Technology has changed client expectations. Our Client Collaboration module can help you provide your clients with an improved experience by allowing them to complete forms and speed matter completion. All the recipient requires to receive a form is an email address and a PC browser.

Benefits of this feature
  • Easily share a form with any authorised external party via secure, password protected transmission
  • Notify clients that a form is ready to fill in by emailing a password protected link
  • Control the form fields a client can edit, and set usage time limits to ensure fast turnaround
  • Automated form completion notifications let fee earners know the client has finished a form
  • Fee earners spend less time re-keying information, accelerating transaction times

Secure and Compliant

Your firm, and clients, are protected by modern security

Legal Forms incorporate the latest security technology, compliance and governance protections, and the highest levels of expertise. Whether you suffer a cyberattack, experience fire or flood, or lose your laptop, your documents are always remain secure and accessible.

Benefits of this feature
  • Developed with the capability to meet GDPR, SRA, SAR, LAA and Law Society regulations
  • Customisable data entry and saved text rules maintain full governance compliance
  • Data is encrypted prior to transmission, and transferred via HTTPS
  • Automated backups act as built-in disaster recovery, so all data remains secure and available
  • All forms are held in AWS Cloud storage, with ISO and other international standards in place

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  • What benefits would our firm gain by moving to Legal Forms?

    Your firm will gain several key advantages.

    Efficiency and productivity will be boosted by allowing users to access all necessary information and form templates from anywhere that has an internet connection. Furthermore, cloud-based software enables easier collaboration, so teams can work together, or with clients, on document completion regardless of their physical location. Fee earners can use the significant time savings gained to focus on more critical tasks.

    Advanced reporting and analytics provide valuable insights into document usage, timelines, and outcomes. By providing critical performance data, Legal Forms can help law firms identify areas for improvement, whether firm-wide or on an individual basis.

    Overall, the advantages of using Legal Forms are numerous and can greatly improve operations, reduce costs, and enhance the client experience. As technology continues to advance, it becomes even more crucial for law firms to embrace new digital tools as they help firms stay competitive by meeting the ever-evolving needs of their teams and clients.

  • How can we be sure our information remains secure?

    You’ll be incorporating advanced security measures such as encryption and access controls that ensure sensitive information remains protected at all times. Both fee earners and clients can be assured that confidential data is secure.

    In addition, Cloud-based backups ensure that information is not lost in the case of any unforeseen situations. You can rest assured that data can be quickly recovered, allowing you to continue operations.

  • How easy is it to move from desktop software to Legal Forms?

    Legal Forms as a natural progression for users of the established Oyez and Laserform desktop forms applications. It provides an ideal solution for firms that require the same valued content, but delivered as a modern web application.

    If you have an existing integration with Laserform, during on-boarding you simply integrate with Legal Forms API’s. Instead of the software calling the Laserform API and sending field data, it can call the Legal Forms API, and send the same field data. Although the field codes are not the same as those in OyezForms, the process of calling the Legal Forms API, and sending field data, is the same.

    Whether you firm is moving to Legal Forms from a legacy OneAdvanced forms package, or you’re new to OneAdvanced, you will remain supported throughout. Our teams work diligently with every customer to ensure user firms receive a concise response to any queries they may have.

  • Will Legal Forms integrate with our current software?

    We know that firms who wish to move to a more modern forms package need it to integrate easily with the systems they already use. We’re here to help you achieve that. Other solutions, like practice and case management and document management, integrate easily with Legal Forms. This allows for a seamless workflow and further time-saving efficiency benefits like data pre-population.

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Have a question?

Speak to our legal consultants for personalised advice and recommendations.


0330 191 3730



Ask us your questions and get tailored content to help you.

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