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Time Capture

Time Recording and Validation

Easy, accurate time capture enables you to record and validate every revenue event, maximise billable time, and boost realisation rates.

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Key features:

  • A modern cloud solution

  • Flexible, customisable entry

  • Feature rich mobile app

  • Find missed billable time

  • Automated compliance

  • Validate time before submission

  • Predictive assistance

  • Intuitive ease of use

A rich, diverse customer base

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How Time Capture will benefit your law firm

Instantaneous timekeeping
Modern cloud technology that consistently captures time the instant it’s worked, regardless of location or device.
Ensures fee earners can comply with client billing rules and Outside Counsel Guidelines, avoiding costly write-downs and loss of income.
Client satisfaction
Supports the ability to provide detailed, accurate invoices that increase trust and help your firm to develop long-term client relationships.

Why work with OneAdvanced?

We have deep sector knowledge baked into our products.
Our experts understand your problems before we find a solution.
Great value, uncompromised quality - that's our promise to you.

It’s not a particularly expensive product, and in terms of return on investment, I’m sure it’s paid for itself over and over again.

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Features and benefits

Smart Time Capture

Time recording efficiency in a fast-moving environment

Time Capture, previously known as Carpe Diem, our innovative time capture and validation solution, was designed to provide professional users with a very powerful set of time recording features. Every function has been specifically created to remove the barriers to consistent time capture and help your firm maximise billed time and revenue.

Benefits of this feature
  • Users can easily record their time from any location, at any time, on any device
  • Timers can be started and stopped quickly when working on multiple matters
  • A SmarTimer toolbar conveniently floats above all open applications as you work
  • TimeFinder captures time from client calls, emails, Teams meetings, or document management systems
  • Intelligent time capture using Natural Language Processing

Reconstructed Time

Find missed time quickly and easily

Navigating the challenges of meticulous time capture can be a difficult for busy free earners who find themselves shifting between matters while managing multiple tasks. Having to find billable time retrospectively can be complex, time consuming and frustrating.

Benefits of this feature
  • TimeFinder functionality automatically suggests time entries that may have been overlooked
  • Users can also find missing time quickly by responding to intelligent prompts
  • Timesheets can be auto populated, based on the users digital footprint
  • Quickly paste time entries in TimePad, creating detailed time entries for each lawyer
  • Incorporated AI supports comprehensive capture

Time Automation

Capture all billable time with minimal intervention

By replacing tedious manual tasks with instant efficiency features, Time Capture’s automation eases the pressure on busy timekeepers. The result is enhanced productivity, higher rates of compliance, and increased accuracy. All contribute to the optimisation of financial operations within your firm.

Benefits of this feature
  • In-line spell checks help ensure time entries are correct
  • Glossaries pre-populate narratives to save time and improve accuracy
  • Time entries can be typed, pasted, or dictated and are automatically allocated to the correct matter
  • When using Word, Outlook and Office 365 users are automatically prompted to record time
  • Time can also be recorded when working within other applications

Time and Billing

Building strong client relationships

Clients who receive detailed, timely, and accurate invoices, are much more likely to have realistic expectations and confidence that charges are fair. Every firm knows that building client trust and loyalty is the foundation of long-term growth.

Benefits of this feature
  • A sophisticated validation engine can easily verify time entries against billing rules
  • Free up time for finance teams during the prebill phase with ‘right first time’ entries
  • Invoice queries can be reduced, maximising realisation rates
  • Shorten the bill-to-payment cycle and increase billing compliance

Time and Data

Actionable management data allows business insight

By providing accurate time data for each matter, Time Capture acts as a valuable business management tool. Incorporated metric dashboards deliver powerful, customisable time information to users and management, supporting their efforts to improve compliance, reduce risk, and increase cash flow.

Benefits of this feature
  • Automate and schedule time reports on an individual, or firm-wide basis
  • Key metrics allow users to monitor their time performance against targets
  • Quickly identify unsubmitted time, or any delays in time being released to the billing system
  • Understand the actual time required for matter completion
  • Manage, and control, price strategies such as blended hourly rates, fee caps or fixed fees
  • Gain insight into areas of low usage or those under stress from too much work

Time Security

We take the security of your data very seriously

You can rely on the advanced security measures within Time Capture, and know your firm's critical information is protected against unauthorised use. Compliance with international data protection regulations provides extra peace of mind by underscoring our commitment to maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of your data.

Benefits of this feature
  • Transparent data encryption, at rest or in transit.
  • All databases, back-ups, and transaction logs are also encrypted.
  • HSTS (HTTP strict transport security) enforced.
  • Single sign-on (SSO) and multi-factor authentication (MFA) are supported.
  • Database transaction logs are backed-up every 10 minutes.

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  • What improvements will Time Capture offer over standard time recording software?

    Widely, the key advantages you will gain are accessibility and functionality.

    Firstly, cloud accessibility ensures users can record their time from any location, on any device. Wherever your fee earners are, whatever time they are working, SmartTimers are instantly available to capture the time used to progress matters. The ability to perform time keeping tasks so easily is a vital component of our solution.


    Time Capture also incorporates multiple functional benefits that have never been replicated in standard time recording software. These include missed time finders, digital footprint tracking, validations, predictive assistance, and alternative time recording methods. All this innovative functionality works in tandem to boost time keeping capability across your firm. 

  • Will OneAdvanced Time Capture connect to our billing system?

    Being built on an extendable platform, and offering an API first approach, allows fast and seamless integration with other solutions at your firm. This could include hosting Time Capture within your document management system, importing fee earner’s annual leave from your HR system, or the real-time export of time data to your accounting system. This increases the value of your investment by offering greater efficiency, smoother workflow, and cost savings.

  • How will Time Capture improve our bottom line?

    The most obvious answer is that higher levels of billable time equates directly to higher revenue – but there are additional factors to consider.

    Because it’s a cloud product, you are assured that you’re on the latest version, and will be upgraded automatically on every new release. As all upgrades are included in your subscription cost, so additional, sometimes unexpected, charges are no longer a consideration.

    You’ll also eliminate the ongoing costs associated with running, maintaining and managing on-premise software. Cloud data storage means there’s no need to invest in additional hardware as your firm grows, and you won’t have to worry about expensive system backups either. In summary, your outgoings for IT resources, physical space, and other associated costs will no longer be applicable.

    Perhaps most importantly, validated time entries mean that lawyers and finance teams spend significantly less time sorting out errors that result from time capture errors. You firm will be able to produce detailed invoices that display the time used on each matter, leading to a reduction in client queries, a shorter bill to payment cycle, and improved realisation rates.

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