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Advanced Time & Attendance software is designed to be fully customisable to enable organisations of all sizes to say yes to managing their workforce’s schedule, track time, record absences, manage rota and automate repetitive tasks. Our Time and Attendance system provides real-time data insights to simultaneously reduce costs and improve productivity.

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Get better operational control and support for the day-to-day management of your workforce with our time and attendance system, supported by biometric fingerprint and RFID access options.

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What Advanced Time & Attendance can do for you

Find out more about the powerful features that sit within Advanced Time & Attendance

Automated time tracking

Automated time tracking makes it simpler for employees, managers and HR teams to submit, track and manage attendance and worked hours. This functionality is a key component to achieving operational excellence across your workforce.

Absence management

Simplify absence tracking and easily record and manage staff leave. Our attendance management system lets you proactively manage absence requests including holidays, sick days and other types of time off. No need to rely on spreadsheets or manual input anymore, saving your admin team precious time on attendance tracking!

People planning & costing

The people planning module within our time management tool helps you schedule your employee hours through our easy-to-use shift planning tools, whilst managing your productivity and cost.

World Class Analytics

Our workforce analytics solution simplifies the reporting process, capturing data from across the organisation to deliver accurate, instant, timely reports to the right people. T&A Analytics provides stunning and intuitive visualisation, accessible via powerful yet simple dashboards.

Clocking in/out

Our T&A solution and clocking machines allow employees to accurately record where they are working, using fobs, swipe and RFID cards, fingerprint or biometric technology.


Our integrated automatic rostering module has been designed to ease the burden of complex staff rostering, ensuring you save both time and money. By looking at your people and the skills they hold, you're able to effortlessly roster the right person to the right shift.

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We understand and solve your key time and attendance issues

Poor manual processes

Manual process are a burden for your HR teams and can lead to human errors which in turn spiral into further setbacks. What if time-tracking tech could simplify your way of working and eliminate the need for manual checks?

Too many miscalculated wages and payroll inaccuracies

Inaccurate time entries result in miscalculated work hours and payroll issues. What if you could prevent these costly mistakes and ensure that your time and attendance process works seamlessly alongside your payroll?

Buddy clocking, time theft or time sheet fraud

Time thieves cost organisations around the world billions of lost hours of productivity and pay each year. What if your clock in clock out software could eliminate timesheet fraud and ensure complete work schedule accuracy?

No real-time view of working patterns & data

With a lack of data and reporting, it's hard to implement productivity improvements within your organisation. What if you had access to the right reporting and analytics tools to turn raw data into actionable insights?

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