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NHS Financial Management Software

Equipping finance teams in the NHS to focus on strategy and performance by consolidating multiple platforms, reducing manual tasks, and producing real-time business insight. Flexible but robust with rich functionality, and perfectly adept at supporting finance teams to manage funds optimally.

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Key features:

  • Real-time reporting and dashboards

  • Robust in-depth financial analysis

  • Seamless integrations

  • Accessible User Interface

  • Built by accountants, for accountants

  • Budgeting, forecasting and planning

  • Task Manager and Single-Sign-On (SSO)

  • Fully integrated suite of financial management modules

A rich, diverse customer base

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How eFinancials will benefit your business

Perfect fit
Tailor-made for all the financial and reporting requirements of the NHS.
Scalable, configurable and flexible
Equip your teams with the features they need as your organisation requires.
Rich functionality
Fully integrated applications for a seamless and easy to use solution.

Why work with OneAdvanced?

We have deep sector knowledge baked into our products
Our team has developed this sector-leading software from the ground up
Our team is composed of dedicated professionals, committed to delivering top-quality results

We were amazed at how quickly the actual reports were running, we were getting performance improvements on average of around 10 to 50 times better and in some instances 500 times better - which far exceeded our expectations.

Colin White, National Finance Systems Manager
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Features and benefits

General ledger

Providing unparalleled flexibility for financial and management reporting in even the most complex organisational structures. The General Ledger organises financial data into four primary elements described as Cost Centres, Account Codes, Activity and Jobs. Each element exists as an independent structure. The multi-company and hierarchical nature of the system allows for one or more distinct organisations to be represented within the General Ledger, with optional consolidation. Each organisation can be viewed in different ways, whilst sharing the same chart of accounts.

Benefits of this feature
  • Flexible general ledger for financial and management reporting
  • Supports even the most complex organisational structures
  • Deliver real-time reporting insights
  • Flexible general ledger with a diverse chart of accounts

Chart of account hierarchies

eFinancials supports a powerful, configurable and comprehensive hierarchies of accounts, with 15 levels, to meet reporting or consolidation requirements for the NHS. Hierarchies can be built in standard, multi-company and parental formats, to support the complexities of accounting with the flexibility to tailor to your organisation's requirements. These structures allow for each organisation to share the same chart of accounts, but can be viewed in different ways.

Benefits of this feature
  • Comprehensive hierarchies with 15 levels
  • Supports standard and multiple tree structures
  • Powerful and complex but flexible and configurable to meet requirements
  • Built once, these can be re-used for multiple projects


eFinancials connects with SAP Business Objects, and with the use of a comprehensive set of universes, can deliver all reporting requirements for the organisation, whether that be a hospital, NHS Trust or ICB. There also are over 400 standard eFinancials reports available with parameters already built in, but with flexibility to customise to your organisation's requirements, which can also supplement the Business Objects reports to deliver day-to-day enquiries or process reporting requirements.

Benefits of this feature
  • Utilise SAP Business Objects to deliver hundreds of reports
  • Cut manual efforts of delivering required reporting
  • Customisable reporting to tailor to your organisation

Financial management

Providing rich, robust financial management functionality in a simplified and streamlined platform, eFinancials enables finance teams to accurately manage all elements of accounting from a flexible general ledger, accounts payable, credit management, bank reconciliation and more.

Benefits of this feature
  • Fully integrated suite of financial management modules
  • Flexible general ledger with a diverse chart of accounts
  • Complete invoice management and payment facilities

Procure to Pay Processing (P2P): eProcurement

The eProcurement module is designed with the flexibility to facilitate the different ways an organisation may orders goods and services – delivering a streamlined procurement and authorisation process for stock and non-stock requirements.

Benefits of this feature
  • Streamlines processing with a ‘Workbasket’ concept for all end-user interactions
  • Funds checking capabilities to monitor, and control spend
  • Air Approvals Integration
  • Seamless integration with external marketplaces

P2P: Purchase Ordering, Billing and Invoicing

Get a clear view of the entire purchasing management process and improve financial control in the business. Track the performance of purchase requisitions against budget as they come through. Easily summarise outstanding purchase orders with regularly updated commitments and accruals reporting. Ensure cash flow is continuous by matching goods receipts to purchase orders easily and efficiently.

Benefits of this feature
  • Clearly view the entire P2P process
  • Gain financial control over the performance of commitments vs budget
  • Easily ensure sufficient cash flow by matching receipts to PO's

P2P: Inventory Management

Gain a complete handle on your inventory, and streamline the purchase processes with dedicated functionality. The module manages stock items held in one or more physical stores and handles all of the required store movements, ensuring that accurate stock values are maintained within the balance sheet within the General Ledger. Eliminate errors and get a summarised and clear view of the entire purchase process and track performance against budget.

Benefits of this feature
  • A single version of the truth for stock and inventory
  • Get a clear view of the entire purchasing management process

Supplier portal

Enhance the relationship with your suppliers by providing an intuitive ‘self-service’ solution to suppliers. Registered suppliers can answer many of their own queries directly through the portal and perform several useful supplier management functions, such as reviewing purchase orders and invoices.

Benefits of this feature
  • A user-friendly, self service portal for suppliers to improve the working relationship
  • Increase team productivity by reducing routine enquiries
  • A useful purchase order “flip” function allows suppliers to initiate production of an XML purchase invoice, eliminating matching errors and re-keying


eFinancials offers seamless integration with a wide range of other products, enhancing its functionality and user experience. Its open architecture allows it to integrate with various ERP systems, CRM tools, and other business software; enhancing workflow automation and reducing manual processes and increasing efficiency and productivity.

Benefits of this feature
  • Integrates with various ERP, CRM, Supplier Management, Document Management and other business systems
  • Streamlines financial management, increases productivity and supports better decision making with real-time and accurate data

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  • How can financial management solutions benefit the NHS?

    eFinancials helps healthcare providers to improve their financial processes, increase reporting accuracy and gain greater financial clarity. By improving the functionality of your finance system employees will be required to spend less time completing manual tasks leading to increased productivity.


    eFinancials benefits the healthcare sector by:


    - Supporting financial stability with enhanced reporting

    - Reducing the need for manual tasks with improved automation

    - Improving functionality with healthcare specific configuration

  • Does financial management software help me manage tax and compliance within the NHS and wider healthcare sector?

    eFinancials, a healthcare specific finance system, allows users to manage tax and compliance. With the use of reporting and advanced integrated online business tax portal, users will be able to quickly and securely view real time data and if required submit electronically to HMRC.  Additionally, by streamlining processes through improved automation, the chances of errors occurring will reduce leading to improved accuracy. 

  • What distinguishes eFinancials from other financial management software for the healthcare sector?

    eFinancials includes healthcare specific functionality, tailored to the specific needs and complexities of the NHS. Real time reporting provides access to quick and accurate business intelligence to meet specific compliance requirements while maintaining transparency and accountability. 

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0330 191 3730



Ask us your questions and get tailored content to help you.

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