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More than balancing books

Finance professionals are pioneers, not destined for spreadsheets! Our software is designed to enable finance teams to drive strategy and boost business growth.

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Create a people-first culture

Our suite of People Management solutions helps HR professionals support and empower their people throughout the employee lifecycle so they can excel.

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When legal matters

Our 20+ years of providing trusted, innovative solutions to legal practitioners means you can benefit from Cloud security, 24/7 systems access and fast communication channels.

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The beating heart of health and care

Designed with clinical experts, our range of solutions help ensure your patients receive fast, safe and efficient services when they need them.

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Potential made possible

We support 2.5 million learners every day, from primary school all the way through to university, with software that helps them engage, improve and achieve.

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Helping deliver excellence to UK citizens

We understand the challenges that public sector organisations are facing and the pressure to deliver regular savings while continually improving efficiencies. Our range of industry-leading solutions can facilitate your organisation’s positive impact on community by empowering both your back-office and frontline services.

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Be utterly predictable

Software you can depend on to deliver your services in the most effective way, empowering your field workforce and helping customer satisfaction levels to soar.

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Transparency is priceless

We provide your organisation with effective tools to positively impact your environment, your people, and your business value through effective spend and supplier management solutions.

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When the only thing you make is a difference

Our Cloud Engage scalable platform offers a range of flexible solutions that help third sector organisations deliver vital services and extraordinary outcomes.

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Reimagine your venue

Based on 20 years’ experience and the insight of experts, our ticketing software elevates the user experience and has successfully sent 10 million sports fans through the turnstiles.

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All your business systems in one place

MyWorkplace is the new delivery platform for our software. It’s a central workspace that users can personalise for easy access to the software tools and data insights they need to do their job.

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Louise Minchin

Podcasts – Business & Leadership Challenges

Hosted by Louise Minchin, ‘Working It Out’ is a series which tackles some of the challenges for businesses associated with our changing world of work. The past few years have thrown us all curveballs, from Covid-19 to supply chain disruption, rising inflation and an increasing cost of doing business.


If we were to sum up Advanced in one word, it would be ‘possibility’

We want to talk about what that could mean for your organisation, and how we can use our software and services to help turn your possibility into reality.

Whether it’s supporting you in delivering ground-breaking new products for your customers, vital services for your clients or life-changing care for your patients, we can help you shine in your field of expertise.

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Our business software and services improve the lives of millions of people every day. Let’s talk about what we can do for you.

Cats Protection charity needed a reliable and effective solution to process Gift Aid claims electronically in line with HMRC requirements. Our Cloud-based solution helped them to save time and eradicate errors in Gift Aid processing. They can now process these claims 50 per cent faster, making a huge difference to the organisation.

Process claims



The Department for Work and Pensions wanted to move its critical applications, serving 15 million UK citizens, to a modern platform. Our Application Modernisation Team migrated these 11 legacy applications to open systems. This has reduced nightly batch processing time from 90 minutes to less than 15 minutes.


Million UK citizens
Critical applications


minutes to less
than 15 minutes

Advanced exists to make a difference

Our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategy recognises the responsibility and opportunity we have to bring about positive change in the world. It is integral to everything we do. We are focused on helping to build a better tomorrow, using the power of technology to create a healthier planet, support inclusive and diverse communities and address inequity.

About ESG

We’re investing in sustainable practices because it’s the right thing to do, but also because we know our staff, customers and partners are looking for leadership and action on the issues that most affect society as a whole.

- Gordon Wilson, CEO at Advanced



a year for our MatchIt!

employee fundraising scheme

£10,000 a year for our MatchIt! employee fundraising scheme

We strive to be a responsible and contributing part of society, seeking to build strong relationships and acting as a good neighbour. We also support and promote employees getting involved in individual fundraising activities. This includes giving them a paid day of Volunteering Leave each year to work with their chosen charity or schemes such as MatchIt! where we match up to £50 each employee raises, and Pennies from Heaven where our people can donate pennies from their net pay.



renewable energy

for all our UK buildings

100% renewable energy for all our UK buildings

We are committed to building a better tomorrow for our staff, customers and wider community through outstanding environmental sustainability performance. We have a multi-step strategy including reducing our carbon footprint, looking into the environmental impact of our offices, supporting home working, developing a culture of sustainability, forging effective collaborative partnerships, exceeding regulatory requirements and delivering software solutions for our customers which support their environmental goals.



Top 100 UK

Diversity Leader

Top 100 UK Diversity Leader

Cultivating a diverse workforce and inclusive culture is a priority for us. Diversity of experience, age, race, ethnicity, background, gender, sexual orientation and religion brings richer perspectives and a powerful frame of reference. Not only is it right to recognise and celebrate differences but creating a culture that is committed to a meritocratic workplace is important to our success. We want everyone to feel welcome and have the opportunity to realise their full potential.

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Advanced Business Trends Report 2022

In one of the largest reports of its kind, we look at some fascinating shifts and provide important insight following the protracted disruption and challenges of recent years.

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The Cost of Doing Business

Digital solutions to effectively handle current challenges in productivity, rising costs and staffing.

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Advanced’s ESG Report

This report will help us to build on the great work we are doing around sustainability, and is an important catalyst in bringing about a wealth of further positive steps, as we work together to make a difference for our customers, our people, our communities and our planet.

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Working It Out: Leading in the Hybrid World

42 minutes

Louise Minchin

Podcast Host

‘Working It Out’ is a series which tackles some of the challenges for businesses associated with the changing world of work.

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Diversity Pay Gap Report

The second year of producing this report with the wider community in mind has provided some real insight into key focuses for the year ahead.

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Performance Management Report

We’ve conducted a survey of 1,150 people across the UK and USA consisting of HR Directors, Managers and Employees to find out what the key trends are for performance management in 2022.

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End-of-Life Software

Are you aware of the risks and consequences?

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